We hear every day that water is very important to the health of every individual. But, what makes water so important to our health?

Water plays a vital role in our body. It performs functions such as:

  • Helping the brain to function well
  • Helps to flush out wastes from the body
  • It also helps to regulate body temperature.

Most of the water you get is from the beverages you drank, but you still get little quantity of water from the food you eat.

This article covers the importance of clean freshwater in overall health. So keep reading to know more about how water affects your overall life.

First, let us talk about the general importance of water in our health before we proceed with reasons why everyone should drink and have access to clean fresh water.

The importance of water to our health

  • Water aids the creation of saliva

Saliva is mainly made up of water. You can also find a little number of enzymes, electrolytes, and mucus. Water helps in the breakdown of solid food and also keeps the mouth very healthy.

When you regularly take enough water, your body will also produce enough saliva. You should also know that the reduction of saliva in your body may be due to aging or some specific medications.

  • It gives protection to the joints, tissues, and spinal cord

Your joints, tissues, and spinal cord are being lubricated by water. It will make you physically active and lessen any probability of having arthritis.

  • Water regulates body temperature

When you are hydrated, your body will be able to maintain a balanced temperature. When you stay in hot a hot environment or you engage in any physical activity, water will go out of your body through sweat.

Whenever you sweat, your body becomes cool, but you will be at risk of increased body temperature if you do not replace the lost water. This is because plasma, as well as electrolytes, will be lost when you are dehydrated.

If you sweat a lot, also drink a lot of water so as not to get dehydrated.

  • Water helps in the digestion of food

Research has shown that taking water before and after eating helps to easily break down your food. This will make you not to have a problem with digesting your food very effectively. You will also enjoy your meal to the full.

Science has proved the fact that humans can do without food for up to 3 days, but cannot survive without water.

In many advanced countries, clean freshwater is everywhere just like the natural air we breathe in. But, in some parts of the world, many people do not even have access to clean fresh water not to talk of drinking it.

Everyone living on Earth deserves access to clean fresh water for the benefit of our overall health. Below are some of the important reasons why everyone should drink clean fresh water.

Importance of clean freshwater to our overall health

  • Clean water nourishes the body

Water, as we all know, is life. The first source of getting nutrition is through the water. Our body is indeed made up of more than 50%of water. This makes it so obvious that water is very important in our lives. Water helps to regulate the flow of blood, transport oxygen from one cell to the other, and to also transport nutrients all over the body.

  • The intake of clean freshwater prevents disease

When humans do not drink clean water, then they will be in a risk of suffering from different diseases. Drinking contaminated water can result in hepatitis, cholera, and typhoid. Clean freshwater is important both for the prevention of disease and the maintenance of good health.

  • Clean water helps to remove toxins

Toxins in the body are often caused by drinking contaminated water. So, when you drink clean, freshwater, you will be free from toxins.

  • Clean water is important for sanitation

We do not only drink clean water but also use it for sanitation. Washing if clothes with dirty or contaminated water can also cause disease. Clean water should also be used for cooking and cleaning the environment to prevent any disease. Generally, clean freshwater provides us with good health.

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