How Should You Use Minoxidil for Better Result?

Minoxidil functions when applied appropriately in the scalp; it does not work with the hair per se.

  • It can operate in an area with miniaturized hair, where the area is not completely hairless.

  • It will work in the front component of the scalp as well as temples if that location just began thinning, so it’s very crucial to use in these areas if they have already started thinning.

  • Minoxidil can be applied on the damp scalp when you get out of the shower that makes grooming simpler.

  • For minoxidil to be reliable, it should be utilized continually and routinely. Do not stop it and then begin using it again later. You may experience dropping in the first 3-6 months of use. This usually is an indication that medicine is functioning, so do not stop the drug if you experience this. Consult your skin specialist in case of uncertainty.

  • Few, rare negative effects of minoxidil are scalp irritation, lightheadedness, wooziness, raised face hair to incase its dribbling on the forehead while using on the scalp. If you experience any of these side effects, please cease as well as consult your skin doctor.

Solution or Foam

Minoxidil is offered in different toughness; it comes in 2% for females as well as minoxidil 5, 10% for males in solution and foam. The initial solution was 5% option for guys, which has propylene glycol in it. PG is what enables the medication to permeate right into the scalp. That’s the best way for infiltration of medicine right into hair follicles. The trouble with PG is that it’s annoying to scalp skin in a couple of people, makes the hair sticky and hard to manage. Some clients can have an allergy, dandruff-like flakes after usage, and also, it’s a bit oily.

So, to conquer these troubles, they placed minoxidil in an alcohol-based foam prep work, which has no PG in it. The problem with the foam is that, even though it’s aesthetically much better, it does not allow minoxidil to penetrate well into the scalp. Likewise, foam is difficult to get into scalp if you have lot of hair, feels like foam gets caught up in hair, whereas with the liquid, you can separate the hair and apply fluid straight on the scalp. Secondly, minoxidil is usually prescribed to be used twice a day.