How to Choose Best Air Walker Machine?

An air walker machine is the best machine for beginners because it helps do the job without any prior knowledge of the instructions. You can burn as much as 360 calories in a day simply by standing in one place and using movements that are similar to jogging. An air walker is one of the must-haves of gym machine that work both your upper and lower portions of the body simultaneously. 

Sunny Health and Fitness E902 Air Walker:

This air walker is considered one of the best due to its features matched by no other. It keeps your body upright with an abdominal pad placed at the position where your torso tends to move forward during exercise which helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles alongside working out. Click here to know more about air walker.

Another feature it is widely renowned for is that it can allow you to gradually start off slowly and then work your way up and break some sweat. It is also known for its durability and the non-slip foot pads equipped with it. Last but not the least, the monitor on this air walker allows you to track your exercise.

Gazelle Edge:

Gazelle is listed as one of the best air walker machine due to its portability alongside other benefits. It weighs enough that you can easily move it from one place to another. It allows maximum balance with its wide leg gap and non-slip resistant foot padding so you won’t have to worry about falling.

 Moreover, it gives you maximum grip control with grip bars that come with foam. All this leaves you the maximum potential to strengthen your muscleswithout exerting pressure on your joints.

Fitness Reality Dual Action Air Walker:

The Fitness Reality air walker exercise machine  not only tones your legs by helping them move backwards and forwards in a steady motion, but if you’re someone who wants to add another plus point than this machine also allows a sideways movement of your legs that can further help in building your thigh muscles.  Visit fit for gym to know more

It tops the list in the portability category since it can fold down and comes with wheels which couldn’t have made moving the machine easier. It also comes with a monitor that displays different options such as the distance, calories and pulse rate.

ProGear 360 Dual Action Air Walker:

The ProGear 360 enables people of almost every height from 4-6 feet to exercise easily without complications. It comes with a comfortable hand bar to support you while you work.

 What makes it different from the rest is that the leg stride length can go as long as 36 strides and allows a complete 180 degree sidewise movement making it one of the best dual action