How to Have a Healthy Thyroid

We all want a healthy body. The why is fairly self-explanatory. The how however can be a bit muddling, especially when it comes to different body parts. For some, the thyroid gland can seem quite obscure in what it does and how to ensure a healthy thyroid. That’s why we are bringing you some useful tips to help you understand how to get the best out of your thyroid.

Maintain a High Iodine Intake

The thyroid gland is the only body cell capable of regulating the chemical iodine. The lower the iodine intake, the lower the thyroid hormone intake and the lower your heart rate. You can balance out your iodine levels by consuming a diet of iodine-based foods such as seafood and dairy products.

Keep Manufactured Hormones Nearby

If, for whatever reason, you find that your body is not producing enough thyroid hormones, no need to fret. You can rely on back-up in the form of medication. The two main hormones produced are triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). You run a search for liothyronine uk and you will find the manufactured substitute for T3. Likewise, a search for levothyroxine UK will yield the manufactured substitute for T4.

Be Very Wary of Crash Diets

It’s not uncommon for people who are conscious of their weight and the resulting health issues to go on a crash diet. But you risk doing a lot of harm to your thyroid. If the thyroid senses that the body is not getting the required sustenance, then the thyroid will take steps to decrease the metabolism, releasing a hormone called reverse T3. This can also have the effect of putting on pounds at a faster rate due to the decreased metabolism. If you’re going to go the diet route, go for foods rich in nutrients, such as fruit and vegetables, protein-based foods, such as eggs and chicken breast, and of course, stay away from the junk food and sugary drinks.

Be Wary of Soy

If you’re a soy food lover, you should be conscious of how much you consume. Soy can easily block the level of iodine you’re consuming, leading to an iodine deficiency which can then create no end of problems for your thyroid. If necessary, go to a doctor and get your iodine levels tested to see if you need supplements.

Cook the Brassicas

Another food that can sap away at iodine consummation is brassica vegetables – dense foods such as broccoli, kale and cauliflower. However, this issue can be averted if brassica vegetables are cooked lightly.

Stock Up on Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain high levels of selenium, which the thyroid is dependent on in order to convert T4 to T3. While there are many foods that can provide you with the necessary levels of selenium, such as broccoli, eggs, fish and garlic, 5 raw Brazil nuts will meet the bulk of those requirements, in addition to providing healthy fats.

The best way to keep a healthy thyroid is through a healthy diet. So next time you’re putting together your shopping list, think of the foods that will work for you.