How to Relieve Back Pain?

Often many of us may from back pain and the reasons for this are the bad posture that we maintain while working or due to improper mattress. Whatever maybe the reason for your back pain, you can surely manage your pain with some effort.

In order to get rid of back pain often people may try chiropractic and acupuncture, but with your own efforts too you can return to normal condition. You can try the following suggestions:

1) Keep moving

When you have backpain often people avoid doing things, as it hurts. However, it has been found that for any kind of back pain, remaining inactive or taking bed rest will do more harm rather than doing any good.

By taking bed rest, your healing process can slow down and can make your muscles much tighter, weaker and more painful.

If you try to remain inactive for too long then your pain will get worse. So, stay as active as you can.

2) Find a comfortable position

While taking rest, you need to experiment with different positions to get relief from pain. By lying on the back and keeping your knees and hips bent, keeping pillows under the knee can help.

Also, by lying on side and keeping knees bent with pillow in-between can help.

3) Try either heat or ice

Using ice may reduce your pain, and also heat can loosen your tight muscles. You may apply ice/heat for fifteen minutes after each hour. Often alternating use of heat and ice can work well.

Try ice pack or hot bottle of water or any heating pad. Even warm bath can be useful. You must place a towel as barrier between cold pack and your skin to prevent any skin or nerve damage.

4) Try few simple pain medications

Taking medications for pain may not completely remove your pain, but you can control it to remain little more active. Using any simplest and safest medicine for pain relief usually are most effective.

All these medications will not only help to provide relief from your pain, but can also help in reducing inflammation. Consult with your doctor before taking any new medications.