Israel Figa Confronts People Who Keep Calling COVID-19 a Hoax

A huge population of people around the world has been of the view that the coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than a hoax. They keep believing it is a myth and don’t take any precautionary and preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus. In doing so, they keep hurting other people with their beliefs, opinions, and the spread of the virus. You have to keep in mind that many people are completely asymptomatic even when they have the virus. This means, they are spreading the virus to other people but they don’t know about it at all. 

Israel Figa thinks that these people are causing more damage than they realize. They have to understand the sensitivity of the situation and act in a way that is constructive and better for the society. The unfortunate thing is that these people are everywhere. From this side of the world to that side, you have people who still don’t want to believe that the coronavirus has killed millions of people all around the world. Here is how Israel Figa has confronted these people with such a twisted view. 

Who Is Conspiring?

Israel Figa has asked many questions from the people who think the coronavirus pandemic is not real. He asks, “Who created the virus and why?” He says that if people call it a creation of China, they completely fail to understand that the virus has caused the most damage to China. How can you plan for your own defamation? Why would you damage your own reputation? That’s not something recommendable. If you look at the current scenario of the world, China is not being discussed in good words by other countries. So, if you say that this was a creation of China, you are wrong because China has achieved nothing with such a move. 

What about the Deaths?

You surely cannot say that all the deaths around the world are taking place without reason? There are people who think that the flu causes the same number of deaths around the world every year. However, they are only mentioning only half of the story. Even if flu does cause these many deaths every year, which is not true in the first place, we and still sleep with peace because we know we have medicines and vaccines to fight flu. We do not have any authentic and tried and tested medicine to fight COVID-19. If it were flu without any medicine, it would have been equally dangerous for the world. 

So, what these people have to understand is that flu is not taken as seriously as the coronavirus infection only because we have the cure for the former. In the case of COVID-19, yes, it might be only as dangerous as flu, but we have to take it more seriously right now because we don’t have any defense for it. In other words, a small rock from a slingshot can be as dangerous as a bullet from a pistol when you are standing naked in front of it. 

What about the Vaccination? 

People keep thinking that governments are trying to control them. However, it is not the governments that have created the vaccines. Who are creating vaccines? And what for? In addition to that, you have to think that the governments are spending millions of dollars to buy vaccines so they can get their people vaccinated as soon as possible. So, you really think the government wants to control you but will then spend billions of dollars on your vaccination? Nonetheless, we haven’t reached a point where we could install chips in people through injections. 

Final Thoughts 

Israel Figa has an outlook on the entire world, and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the planet. He has great insight into how the pandemic is affecting businesses, governments, people, etc. His response to the conspiring people comes at a time when vaccination has started and any such views will stop the right people from getting their vaccination on time.