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Melanotan – Can it prove to be useful in increasing our libido?

If lack of sex drive is affecting your relationships and life, you must have tried a lot of ways to overcome the same. With so much technological advancement being made in the field of healthcare, we sure have some amazing products that can help you feel your sexual energies once more. 

Peptides have been increasingly used nowadays to receive their benefits in more than 1 way. These are safe substitutes to harmful synthetic hormones as these peptides stimulates natural hormonal axis of our own endocrine system rather than causing abnormally large levels of hormones in our body at any given time. 

You can buy most popular peptides from your local drug store by showing your doctor’s prescription. You can also find Melanotan 2 (10mg) for sale at online store like Biotech Peptides. However, they only sell high quality for research use to licensed individuals. 

Melanotan and its effects on libido

It is now used as a prescription drug not just for its tan causing properties but also treatment of sexual disorders in both men and women. MelanoTan-2 peptide is specifically used for the same. 

It is a much safer alternate to drugs like Viagra and differs in its actions in the following ways:

  • Viagra achieves its effectiveness in treating sexual dysfunction by stimulating the cardiovascular system to increase blood flow to achieve better erections and orgasms. 
  • Melanotan on the other hand enhances erections in men and increases sex drive in women by stimulating the nervous system to cause an increase natural sexual desire among both the genders. 
  • Apart from this; Melanotan also has fat mobilizing property although it is very mild. 
  • In comparison to prescription drugs; peptides are found to be much safer even when taken for longer dosage cycles. 
  • The side effects of peptides are less severe and are generally limited to mild headaches and nausea. 

For effective dosage administration, MT-2 needs to be administered intra muscularly once a day for about 2 weeks after which you can continue to have weekly maintenance dose of the same. 

Melanotan and its effects on sexual desire in post menopausal women

A woman has to face many biological changes when her body goes through menopause. Apart from prominent atrophic physical changes; she also faces changes in her mood and sexual desires. Lack of estrogen during menopause is responsible for most of these changes that accompanies menopause. 

Generally HRT is used to help women overcome some of the problems that occur in this phase of their lives. Melanotan offers an alternate treatment line to increase sexual desires in women irrespective of their age by:

  • Reducing oxidative stress at the cellular level. 
  • Preventing further cellular apoptosis. 
  • Enhancing the quality and duration of sleep. 
  • Improving mood and mental clarity. 
  • Actively transferring environmental signals across the reproductive axis. 
  • Improving general feeling of vitality and energetic throughout the day. 

Having an intimate relationship with your partner is essential for a good mental and emotional balance life. You definitely deserve a sex life that is satisfying and healthy despite any medical condition you have. You can give peptides a try in order to achieve a healthy sex life after consulting your doctor.