Menstrualcup for Feminine health hygiene

In the recent past, more significant concern has been aroused across the globe for feminine hygienic conditions. Menstruation hygiene is an essential part of personal hygiene for women. Most health practitioners emphasize that poor genital hygiene has several devastating impacts on female health. It is high time we switch over to healthy hygienic products available in the market to enhance personal hygiene.

Menstrual cycle

Menstruation is a systematic change in the woman’s reproductive system occurring organically to prepare the body itself for a potential pregnancy. During this cycle, women have to experience the menstrual bleeding through the vagina once a month from puberty till menopause. The duration of the menstrual cycle may vary according to the individual, but the maximum is to have their cycles every 28 days. Most often, menstrual bleeding commences on day one and usually completes in days 3-5 of the menstrual cycle. During this process, most women use menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary pads or tampons to absorb menstrual bleeding. In the recent past, a new revolution to women’s hygiene has emerged, which is menstrualcup for the absorption of menstrual fluid.

How this cup functions

The operation of this fantastic cup is effortless. Menstrual cups, when appropriately inserted on the vagina, will collect blood and prevent leakage and stain. It is made up of silicon material and takes the shape of a bell. You may be wondering if this tiny thing would meet up your monthly requirements. It is more comfortable, functional, and exhibits incredible results.

Toxic shock syndrome

Toxic shock syndrome is one of the life-threatening and deadly diseases which occur when vaginal hygiene is absent. Sanitary pads and tampons should be changed regularly about every 4 to 8 hours. Most health professional suggests changing these hygiene products very often before they get soaked with blood. There is an eco-friendly substitute which displaces sanitary napkins and tampons and prevents from TSS. The best organic alternative to feminine hygiene is the menstrualcup, which maintains a clean vaginal ambiance and prevents filthy odor.

Benefits of this effectual cup

It can be used for the prolonged duration during long travels and in workplaces where frequent usage of latrine is restricted. It can also be utilized before your menstruation, which will not get dried up as other sanitary napkins. Therefore, it is the best holistic solution for women’s self-hygiene, which mitigates the other hygienic products’ demerits.