Mobility scooters are not (only) for seniors

You even see vital athletes and dancers on a mobility scooter.

A mobility scooter is considered a disabled vehicle by law. Still, you don’t have to be disabled to ride a scooter. That’s a bit strange, it can lead to confusion. We asked Fast Furious, the scooter specialist online and in-store, exactly how it works.

Is a mobility scooter only for the disabled?

Although mobility scooters are classed as disabled vehicles under the laws of any country, it is not necessary to provide proof of disability or similar. Are you healthy in body or members and would you like to drive around on a scooter? Go ahead, there is no one to stop you. There are even vital athletes and dancers who ride these ‘disabled vehicles’ to spare their bodies. If you pay for a scooter out of your own pocket, you can order it directly online. This allows you to enjoy all the advantages that the legislation offers without the disadvantages. That is sometimes nice!

Is there a minimum age for mobility scooters?

When a scooter can drive faster than 10 km / h, there is a minimum age of 16 years or older. You can also apply for an exemption for this, for example for a child with a mobility impairment who is able to drive safely on such a means of transport. There is no age limit at all for mobility scooters that drive slower. It is certainly not reserved for seniors, more and more 50+ ‘young elderly’ rides these tricycles or quadricycles. In terms of design, they look a lot like trendy scooters with an extra wheel, they can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h without obligation for a (moped) driving license.

What is the difference between scooters and microcars?

A mobility scooter is actually a kind of scooter with one or two extra wheels. It usually concerns compact means of transport that are manoeuvrable and can be used anywhere like Mobilitytouch. If you prefer not to drive it between busy city traffic, you will opt for the cycle path. A microcar or ‘microcar’ is a small car with a moped engine. You need a car or moped driver’s license for this, they are equipped with a round car steering wheel. The prices for microcars are higher, you are warm and dry. Incidentally, there are models from around 5000 euros, which is still much less than a real car. You are not allowed to ride it on the cycle path, only on the roadway.

Can I drive a scooter in the shop?

Yes, that is allowed if you drive at walking pace. Therefore, switch the engine to the position with the limit at 6 km / h. There will also be shops that are not accessible for wheelchairs or scooters, there is no obligation to provide facilities for this. Another tip from Fast Furious, the scooter specialist; have an alarm installed on your scooter. This way you can get off every now and then and safely park your tricycle or four-wheeler. There are many more options and accessories to turn it into a custom vehicle, look in the webshops or inquire about all the options.