Now Become A Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist Through NESTA 

Food and health are equally important to us the way oxygen is important for breathing. Many people have a craving for good food and good health. And if you are this kind of person then you have an opportunity of turning a passion for health and food into a career through NESTA’s lifestyle & weight management specialist certification. This way you can help many people who facing various kinds of physical challenges and behavioral-emotional problems. You can easily enhance their health and well being too and learn to teach weight management

About the Training –

The training process is a step by step method, through which you can complete the professional lifestyle and weight management training program, after which you will have to follow the following – 

  • Take control of your fitness 
  • Nutrition or coaching career,
  • And help your clients achieve their weight loss or weight management goals using the latest proven strategies

Various Health Challenges – 

In the dieting coaching, there will also be a opportunity where you will taught about stress and its relation with weight management, and how to manage both in a balance and maintain that balance. You will also have to teach your client as to how stress can lead to many heath challenges like weight gain, higher cholesterol, and compromised immune function.Health& fitness career offered by NESTA offers the following – 

  • It’s a 100% online program. 
  • You can study at your own pace 
  • There will be a immediate course access
  • You will also receive a digital certificate on passing the exam 

After the completion of the course you will receive a lifestyle coaching certification. You will also get the physical certificate mailed in 2-3 weeks. 

Course Covers the Following Topics –

You can also check other options offered by the NESTA on how to become a nutrition and weight loss consultant. It will teach you on the following subjects – 

  • Important role of medical science in dieting 
  • Health & disease prevention 
  • Obesity & overeating 
  • Pain in the body image
  • Emotional challenges with food, digestive ailments, fatigue, and nutrition-linked metabolic disorders.