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Phases of Recovery: Gastric Bypass Surgery

It is very hard to decide a definite time period for recovery from gastric bypass surgery. An individual’s recovery depends upon various factors like the treatment type, type of surgery, pre-surgery weight, and post-surgery complications that might arise.

A patient is subjected to diet during the recovery which can be considered as a barometer to understand the timetable of recovery from gastric bypass surgery.


Following the surgery, this phase takes approx 3-7 days wherein the patient is not allowed to take in any kind of food, not even liquids, so all requirements related to nutrition are met intravenously. Recovery in some cases can be quick as 2-3 days, then the patient is allowed the intake of liquids like fruit juice which is not sweet, during certain intervals to satisfy a patient’s dietary needs.


In the 2nd phase, patients are allowed to eat semi-liquid foods for 1-3 weeks post gastric bypass surgery. To ensure a fair share of nutrition throughout the day patients are allowed to eat small-sized meals every 2 hours. Mashed fruits and vegetables are suggested in this phase of recovery.


Here the patients are allowed to eat semi-solid foods or foods that are soft like bread, crackers, and casseroles. This period lasts for 1-3 months in the recovery cycle which may differ from patient to patient depending upon their unique requirements. The task here is to make sure there is no strain put up on the digestive tract leading to the re-opening of the wounds.


This is the end phase of gastric bypass surgery recovery where the patients are allowed to resume food intake but in smaller portions at more frequent intervals. Yoghurt, chicken, fish etc are few foods that can be consumed by the patient. The emphasis here is on smaller portion size as the digestive tract can only take two ounces of food at a time.

It can be considered a painstaking recovery from gastric bypass surgery that needs utmost care. The above phases will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by controlling your food habits and if completed properly can lead to wellness for a lifetime.