Phosphorus and Albertsons Companies Offer Convenient COVID-19 Home Test Kits

In September 2020, Phosphorus and Albertsons Companies officially announced their partnership. They planned to begin providing customers with COVID-19 at-home testing kits. The kits were made available in a few appointed market regions, but they also laid out expansion strategies to ensure extended distribution reach by the end of October. The home test kits require a saliva sample, and the results can be received in even fewer than 72 hours from the test’s arrival at the lab.

Albertsons Cos. led the test kits’ distribution in various markets such as Boise, Austin, and Houston, and data analysis showed positive customer response. Dan Salemi, GVP of Albertsons Cos. Pharmacy, stated that clients from the targeted regions greatly appreciated the test kits’ innovation and convenience since they could test themselves from the comfort of their homes and send the specimen off to the lab for results. He added that the positive response was most likely due to the product’s comfort and ease of use. He commented that any of their clients were welcome to call their pharmacy for medical care and guidance, saving customers the hustle and bustle of the stressful medical care system.

CEO and founder of Phosphorus Diagnostics, Alex Bisignano, said that he and his staff are happy to be working with Albertsons Cos. to achieve a common goal. With Albertsons Cos. ensuring the kits’ delivery, the venture visionary added that their approach would greatly help in containing the virus by eliminating contact between individuals’. Due to the current global pandemic, the FDA issued the Emergency Use Authorization for the kits to assist in COVID-19 detection.

Home Testing Procedure, A to Z

From your home, you will fill out a brief online questionnaire at The questionnaire will then be checked by a local pharmacist working with Albertsons Cos. The pharmacy then takes up the responsibility of contacting you, the patient, to schedule your test’s delivery or pickup. If a patient shows any COVID-19 symptoms, they must choose delivery or send a representative to pick up their kit.

Upon receiving the kit, the patient should complete the saliva sample collection then send it back for testing in the lab. This is made possible by the next-day pre-paid shipping envelope included with the test kit. Results are then sent to the patient through a text message or email within the first 72 or fewer hours from when the test arrives at the laboratory.

Customers currently must pay cash for the tests as they cannot be billed to your insurance by the pharmacies. Reimbursement is possible, however, if patients submit their test receipts to their insurance firms. Albertsons Cos. pharmacists also offer follow-up care service after patients receive their test results.

Headquartered in New York City, Phosphorus, a leading genomics enterprise, has its lab in Secaucus, New Jersey. Phosphorus’s lab is both CAP and CLIA-certified with testing licenses in every US state.

Philanthropic Works for Community Improvement by Albertsons Companies

Phosphorus’s operations have been redirected to concentrate on testing for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Their aim is to introduce their extensive genomics experience and testing methodologies to help the situation. In 2019, Albertsons Companies Foundation, through Phosphorus, donated over $225 million worth of food and financial and support. In 2020, Albertsons Cos. has already committed itself to give an additional $53 million to assist with hunger relief in communities, contributing another $5 million to social justice organizations.

The contributions and efforts of Albertsons Cos., in partnership with Phosphorus genomics, have assisted those in hunger-stricken regions. Their donations have helped in cancer treatment and research, education, hunger relief, disability programs, and social justice. Phosphorus aims to improve human health care by understanding, researching, and exploiting the power of human genomics.

About Phosphorus

Phosphorus has consistently raised the quality of care in various booming genomics fields through their cost-efficient, top-quality, and extensive record of genetic testing. Through the Elements™ Software Avenue provided by Phosphorus, genetic tests researched by Phosphorus can now be accessed by other laboratories.