Physical Therapy– The Answer to Your Balance Issues

Have you ever lost your balance? Have you ever stumbled when getting out of bed? Have you ever stood up too fast and saw the room spin? 

Balance issues are more common than you might think. The workings of the inner ear are very complex, not to mention the smallest little bones in the body. The ear doesn’t just allow us to hear the beautiful melodies of songs, babies cooing or the humming of birds; the ear is an essential part of being able to balance. Without balance the world literally turns upside down. 

Balance problems and dizziness usually go hand in hand. Because of that, the chance of falls increases, and the ability to drive and perform other normal daily activities decreases. Without help from a qualified physical therapist it may seem impossible to get better or return to normal living. Rexburg physical therapy specializes in balance and inner ear disorders and can help you regain control of your movements and your life. 


Most everyone has experienced dizziness. This can happen frequently when we first get out of bed, stand up too fast, spin around, etc. However, prolonged episodes of dizziness are not normal. Vertigo is a common condition with dizziness as a resulting symptom. 

BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is the most common. This happens when crystals of the inner ear escape into the fluid of the ear. Luckily, this is a pretty quick and easy fix for a physical therapist. A few simple maneuvers can usually free the crystal and will relieve symptoms for the patient almost instantly. 


It is virtually impossible to be dizzy and not have balance issues, however you can have balance problems completely unrelated to being dizzy. Sometimes balance is more of a strength issue than a vestibular issue. A trained physical therapist will be able to diagnose exactly what is causing your balance problems. 

Balance therapy could be useful for anyone at any age, but is most common in elderly. As our bodies age, our balance decreases. Risk of falling is very scary for seniors because they want to avoid ending up in the hospital at all costs. Most of the balance issues in older adults stems from weakness. Bones and muscles deteriorate due to age as well as sedentary lifestyle. Physical therapy can help strengthen the balance muscles and increase confidence in daily movement. 

Physical Therapy Can Help

If you are struggling with a balance disorder, get help! While many people believe their symptoms will improve over time, they often do not. With the help of a physical therapist you can guarantee that you will see improvement. You will also get to the root of the problem and potentially prevent future balance issues. 

A physical therapist can diagnose what is causing the problem, treat the problem as well as giving you tools to treat the symptoms along the way. Rexburg physical therapy specializes in balance and inner ear therapies. You can contact them or other qualified professionals near you to get relief today.