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POWER Physical Formula of Steroid Use

Author: Gordey Zekhov

Once again I saw a mistake in the hall. A man hung a bunch of pancakes and barely, i.e. very slowly, made his 8 repetitions. At the same time, his mass has not been growing for a long time, which he just did not do.

But in fact, he did not know one very important formula. Which affects the results of training when working on the mass.

The formula is simple: power = Anabolic Steroids x operating weight x distance / time

Spending a lot of time on repetition and the approach, which is associated with the choice of too large working weight of the bar, you do not use the full power of the trained muscles. Hence the lack of growth. And from here the heap of microtraumas, and sometimes not only micro.


Physiology Explanation – Doctor Victor Dubovik

I’ll start from the very beginning, how muscles work and what strength is, what endurance is, and how it combines with volume. At first, the muscle is relaxed, a signal from the cerebral cortex goes through the nerves, the muscle command contracts, the electrical signal from the nerve endings enters the membrane-wall of the muscle fiber, under the influence of an electric impulse, the muscle wall becomes transparent to calcium (I simplify everything completely, leaving only the essence) calcium freely enters the muscle cell and causes muscle contraction.

The process proceeds without the expenditure of energy, calcium penetrates into the cell freely, the cell contracts under the influence of calcium. Well, now the muscle cell must relax, and for this, calcium must be removed from the muscle, this already happens with the expenditure of ATP energy, fats and carbohydrates are burned, ATP is produced which is spent on calcium excretion and cell relaxation. This is what caused crypature in case of over intensive training, lack of ATP.

Each muscle cell has its own elemental strength, muscle strength is the sum of the forces of the cells that create this muscle. Immediately all the cells that make up the muscle do not contract, there is not enough electric charge in the nerve tissue.

It follows that when we take a lot of weight we train nerve endings more, which make us activate and excite as many muscle cells as possible. But when we do many repetitions, we train the energy system of the muscle, and that in turn causes the muscle tissue to grow.

You take a lot of weight, with a strong-willed effort excite 60% of muscle cells that performed the action. There are 40% left that will not pull your weight, you relax, then pull again and again 40% of the muscles you have filion.

Another athlete takes a small weight and makes the approach, he has 20% of the muscles working, now they are tired, the next ones turn on, then the next ones and he practically drove out all the muscle fibers with one approach. And the work of the cell depends on the number of its contractions, which means that its growth and development depend on it.

Therefore, it is necessary to combine, work on the development of muscles, make one approach to training the nervous tissue with submaximal weight, just do not forget, with a large weight, microtrauma of the ligamentous apparatus is inevitable, do not overdo it. That’s all.