Pregnancy Chiropractor on Great Neck Road Changes Business Hours

Most businesses in the country today have been making some adjustments when it comes to their work hours because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, or dental clinics have accommodated customers based on the government’s health care protocols, and the chiropractic industry is no exception. Chiro professionals need to accommodate patients with utmost care.

Chiropractic care is a big help for people experiencing pain and discomfort. We all know that everyone suffered because of this pandemic. Because the Chiro industry is pretty small, practitioners need to take advantage of every little thing that comes their way.

It is not an easy transition for the industry. Business hours need to be tweaked to follow health protocols set by the government. It is an additional burden for clinics if they cater to pregnant women. Without the pandemic, pregnancy is pretty challenging. With COVID-19, clinics need to adjust their business hours to avoid violating health protocols.

But despite these restrictions on business hours, chiropractic professionals need to continue treating patients that need their expertise, especially pregnant women. So, let’s get down to business and take a closer look at the health benefits this service can provide.

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Minimize nausea

Morning sickness or nausea is considered the most common pregnancy symptom that can be difficult to endure and very uncomfortable throughout the first trimester. Chiropractors can help minimize vomiting and nausea by realigning the spine, as well as improve the overall nervous system function. Because of this, hormones can achieve a healthier balance to lessen or eliminate the severity of the morning sickness.

Easier delivery and labor

A short birthing process or labor, without complications or pain, is preferable to painful delivery or hours-long labor. Getting regular Chiro adjustments during pregnancy can help make sure that the pelvis, hips, and spine are correctly aligned, and nerves are working the right way.

Nerves are responsible for controlling contractions and dilating the cervix during labor. It means that optimal nerve health can help pregnant women experience easier labor, with less discomfort and pain. Women who are planning to have a natural childbirth without the aid of drugs or medications can take advantage of Chiro care during their pregnancy to aid improve and simplify the birthing experience.

Relief from any forms of back pain

As the body prepares for delivery and labor, it produces a hormone that helps loosen and relaxes joints and ligaments along the pelvic region. This hormone is called relaxin.  The relaxin release may cause pregnant women to experience pain and instability in their spine as ligaments in this area become more fragile and much looser.

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Seeing a professional chiropractor for regular adjustments can aid alleviate all sorts of back pains that stem from relaxed joints and ligaments because of the relaxin hormone’s pregnancy-induced natural production. All sorts of back pain in women may also stem from postural issues that happen because of a heavier belly.

Some pregnant individuals may unintentionally curve their backs because of their belly’s weight, which can cause misalignment of the spine and can trigger all forms of back pain. Back adjustments can help correct spinal and posture curvature to avoid pain and discomfort.

Optimal fetal positioning

An infant who is not in the right position to be delivered head first during the labor process is known as breech. It can lead to problems including cord prolapse, cesarian-section delivery, or difficulty in vaginal delivery. Chiro care during these times helps pregnant women maintain a healthy pelvic balance so that the baby has enough space to move headfirst into the right delivery position.

During the eight-month of pregnancy, make sure to check in with a professional or clinic like a chiropractor on Great Neck road for adjustments to help avoid breech presentation and take advantage of optimal positioning.

Healthier and smoother overall pregnancy

This care aims to aid address and remove nerve blockage in the spine that may prevent the immune system and organs from functioning at their optimal levels. The healthier and more robust the body’s immune system, the healthier and stronger the baby’s immune system will be during delivery.

Pre-natal Chiro care can help improve overall health for both the mother and the baby and may minimize some unwanted problems so the mother can experience a more comfortable and safer pregnancy. These uncomfortable, pregnancy-induced symptoms will automatically disappear when the mother holds the baby for the first time.