Put an end to hair problems with these three hacks 

Hair damage is one of the most common issues faced by women. Everyday exposure to UV rays, pollution, and stress are all the factors that deteriorate your hair health. If you don’t address the issues immediately, it may grow into something as serious as baldness. Don’t worry, with these three hacks below you can put an end to all hair problems.

  1. Shampoo your hair the right way

You may get influenced by shampoo ads on TV that claim to repair your damaged hair. But have you ever checked their ingredient lists? It’s likely to contain toxic elements like parabens and sulfates. These shampoos are the reason why you have dry scalp, frizzy hair, etc. Instead, choose a hydrating, hair growth shampoo, like the one developed by Kerotin.

  1. Pamper your hair with deep conditioning  

You might pamper your taste buds with your favorite dessert. But how often you do something for your hair? Well, hair masks provide an excellent way to pamper your hair. It deeply moisturizes your scalp and restores a healthy scalp. Kerotin gives you heat caps along with these masks. It helps your hair follicles and scalp to absorb the nutrients effectively.

  1. Stimulate hair growth with brushing 

When you brush your hair, the natural oil released from your scalp spreads evenly across your hair. That sebum (natural oil) protects your hair from external damage. Further, brushing your hair twice a day increases blood flow to your scalp and stimulates hair growth.

In short, be sure to use the right hair products for women. Kerotin offers unique hair care items that contain nothing but essential oils, vitamins, and minerals. You can replenish your hair using hair masks along with heat caps.