RO Water Purification – A key for a healthy mind and body

When you move to a new city or change your home in the same city, you evaluate your home from multiple parameters. Some of the parameters are accessibility, amenities in the apartment, transportation options, neighborhood, etc. Some factors that need to be evaluated first are the supply of drinking water in the apartment and the purity levels of the same. You cannot get this information from the other members staying in the apartment. This information is important since water is something that you & your family members would be consuming on a regular basis.

Some members may opt for using packaged water or water cans but that is not the solution. You cannot vouch for the purity of water. The water that is coming from the taps has to be checked for acceptable TDS (Total Dissolvable Solids) levels since that defines whether the water is safe for consumption or not? TDS comprises of multiple inorganic salts like magnesium, calcium, etc. which are dissolved in water. TDS level in water also differs from one city to another hence; the water purification methodologies which are used in one city might not be applicable in another city.

Water purification is a must since it purifies the water and keeps your loved ones away from water-borne diseases. RO water purification is one of the most popular water purification techniques. It is based on the Reverse Osmosis purification technology where harmful chemicals & impurities are removed from the water. RO water purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane which is responsible for water filtration through the removal of solid impurities, as well as dissolved impurities.

RO water purifier from popular brand like Livpure has multi-stage filtration pipeline to purify the water. It also retains the taste of the water or enhances the same depending on the water composition. RO water purifiers from Livpure also come equipped with UV (Ultra Violet) and UF (Ultra Filtration), and MF (Micro Filtration) options which remove impurities like bacteria, virus, potassium, etc. that is present in the water.

From a customer’s perspective, there are severaloptions for RO water purifiers and many brands sell water purifiers online & offline. Since consumption of pure water is directly related to health, you should only buy RO water purifier from a trusted & proven brand. A proven brand not only has a good portfolio of products in the water purification area but they have excellent supply chain & after-sales support.

Online RO water purifier comes with few advantages since you do not have to visit the store for a demo, payment, etc. as all the things can be done from the comfort of your home. Also, the products that are available offline in retail outlets are available online with no discrepancy in the pricing. A popular RO purifier brand like Livpure has several options for customers; some of them are below:

  • Livpure Eco Touch RO Water Purifier
  • Livpure Knight RO Hot &Cold Water Dispenser
  • Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier
  • Livpure Envy Neo RO Water Purifier
  • i-Taste
  • Livpure Hero Star RO Water Purifier

Depending on the locality of residence, water experts from Livpure can also recommend you ideal RO water purifier since they know about the TDS levels and products being preferred by other customers. If you not comfortable with the online medium, you can even opt for Cash on Delivery (COD) payment where the payment is done once the product arrives at your doorstep.

In today’s fast-paced life, health is one thing that is ignored by many people since they take health for granted. Along with a healthy lifestyle, it is important to consume the right type of food & water so that the body stays healthy & hydrated all the time. Water purification is a must as water from natural sources is contaminated and consuming such kind of water (without purification) can have serious health hazards.