Say Goodbye To Acne On Your Face

Those who experienced the worst problem of acne at least once in their life know that to cleanse the skin of this scourge is the most cherished dream. Someone manages to get rid of an unattractive rash, while others take it as a tribute, in the hope that “it will pass by itself.”

And this needs the consultation of the Dermatology Clinic specialist who will conduct an examination and ask you some questions, on the basis of which he will prescribe the best acne treatment.

If acne bothers you only for periods, then this, most likely, is a cosmetic problem, which means you can try to fight it yourself, without involving specialists.

Watch this video to understand how to get rid from acne.

How to get rid of acne?

There are no special tricks here, you should always take care of your skin in three stages – cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Only when choosing products should you consider the type of skin for which they are intended?

You have probably heard more than once that you can get rid of acne by washing your face several times.

Unfortunately, this method is unlikely to contribute to the disappearance of the hated acne. After all, they are formed as a result of excessive production of sebaceous glands of sebum, whose duties include protecting and moisturizing the skin.

By performing water procedures, we wash off this very protection, thereby stimulating the work of the glands again and again, which leads to an increase in the produced fat, and, accordingly, to an increase in the number of acne.

You should not wash your face more than 2-3 times a day.

The same applies to the peeling procedure – there is no need for deep cleaning of the skin since it irritates the skin and therefore getting rid of acne becomes much more difficult. Look out for soft gel products instead.

Change food

Vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbs, green tea – this list of goodies should always be at hand. They contribute to weight loss, and you will soon say goodbye to acne.

Pay attention to the intestines

Did you know that the skin often takes over the responsibilities of those organs that cannot cope with the tasks of cleansing?

In the case when fermentation and decay processes are noted in the intestines, irregular stools come to the rescue; the skin takes over the cleansing functions and throws out toxins through itself.

The result is an unattractive scatter on the face. Help your gut. First of all, take care of cleaning it – in the morning, when you wake up, take a salty solution (1 tsp salt in 0.5 liters of water).

Salty water, having collected everything bad in the stomach, will remove the muck from the body, and kefir will safely cope with the function of neutralizing salt residues, and will also present extremely useful lactic acid bacteria.

Cigarettes and alcohol

Anyone knows that the poisons that enter our body along with a smoked cigarette or some amount of alcoholic beverages cause considerable harm, especially to the fair sex.

And acne is a consequence of metabolic disorders. Therefore, if you belong to the category of people who sin with alcohol and cigarettes, there is no point in looking for salvation from acne in cosmetics; it will still not help you.

The above-mentioned acne solutions are the quickest and the fastest way to lessen acne on the skin. The Dermatology Clinic has an experienced team of dermatologists and doctors that uses the best techniques to give you healthy, acne-free skin. Free yourself of acne scars now!