Should Doctors Travel To Work In The United Kingdom?

It is well known that doctors in The United Kingdom are the best doctors in the world, but after Brexit, European doctors started to leave United Kingdom to escape the higher taxes and the low salaries there. According to multiple surveys by GMC and NHS more than 50% of foreign doctors in United Kingdom are planning to go back for their countries.

These updates opened the door for the best doctors from countries like Nigeria, Egypt, India and Pakistan to travel and work as doctors in The United Kingdom, the salaries in United Kingdom are low for European doctors but it is fine for doctors from countries from Asia and Africa.

The huge shortage that has been created over the last period will continue for at least 3-5 years in the future, this is why international doctors are encouraged to travel and work in UK but is it easy?

It is not easy but it is not hard too, it is much easier than the pathway of foreign doctors in USA but it is certainly harder than the pathway of foreign doctors in Gulf Area as an example.

Doctors need to get a medical license to be allowed to practice medicine in UK, to get the license from GMC they need to pass PLAB or similar exams like MRCS or MRCP in addition to a proof of language proficiency which can be either an OET exam or IELTS exam, PLAB exam qualifies the doctor to work as an house officer while MRCS and MRCP qualify him/her to work as a registrar in specific specialty. Concerning the language exam OET and IELTS are as difficult as each other’s but doctors prefer the OET exam because it is an English exam related to the healthcare system and the profession of the test taker.

Available jobs for doctors are not limited to specific area or specific specialty; there are many available jobs in the north, in the south, in the west or in the east. There are also many available jobs in all medical specialties.

In view of the above, I want to encourage doctors who want to work abroad to start the English pathway, they will certainly find a job and they can finish all the exams within 5-6 months only, go ahead guys it is a chance and you should take it seriously.