Signs of a Drug Addiction

More than 21.5 million people battle a substance abuse problem in the U.S., according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Crack, heroin, alcohol, prescription painkillers and mediations, methamphetamines, and marijuana are among the most commonly abused drugs, each posing their own health risks, symptoms, side effects, and consequences. Rehab upstate NY is there to help anyone facing an addiction.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Obviously, no one plans for addiction to occur. Many people begin using drugs after an accident causes them immense pain or when hanging out with friends in an effort to ‘be cool.’ Addiction just happens before the user realizes that the drug has such a powerful hold of their life. Signs of addiction vary per the drug of choice, but commonly include:

– Irritability
– Agitation
– Insomnia
– Lack of appetite
– Mood changes
– Nausea
– Vomiting

An individual may have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol if they need more of the drug to attain the same high, they cover up/lie about their drug use, they have shakes, trembles or other signs when they’ve not used the drug, or they’ve lost interest in activities once enjoyed. Many people battling drug addictions don’t realize there’s even a problem.

The above signs are a few of the many indicative of addiction and the need for outpatient rehab NYC or an inpatient rehab upstate NY.
Drug Rehab New York: Hope & Healing

Rehab offers a light of day for those facing drug and/or alcohol addiction. It’s the first step of hope for some people who’ve battled addictions for many years and for those who’ve seen the error in their way and want to make a change. In-patient and out-patient rehab services offer individuals rehabilitation services that put them on the right track for a great, drug-free life.

Inpatient rehab upstate New York is the recommended course of treatment for most people. Inpatient settings allow more personalized, thorough treatment and are necessary for people who have a long-term history with drugs and/or alcohol. Inpatient rehab upstate New York teaches the patient coping mechanisms and how to deal with various issues in life without drugs.

Rehab New York services pave the way for a fresh start, regardless of the time the addict has used, the drug of choice, or other factors. All that’s needed to thrive in rehab is the desire to change.

Alcohol Rehab NY

Alcohol is problematic for thousands of upstate New York residents. Since alcohol is legal and sold at many locations, some people think that there is no way to become addicted or that it means that it is safe. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Alcohol addiction causes a variety of symptoms to the user, including trembles and shakes without alcohol, the need to drink more alcohol to feel the same effects, nausea, and vomiting, and a host of additional worries. Outpatient rehab NYC may suffice for some people battling alcohol addictions, but again, inpatient rehab New York is the most preferred treatment option.

Call United Recovery Project United Recovery Project if you or a loved one needs alcohol rehab NY or a great drug rehab New York.