Smoking cessation – nicotine Tran dermal patch to release nicotine from body

A nicotine patch is one of the most popular nicotine replacement therapy available in the market. It greatly helps the human to quit smoking.

Smoking cause cancer and smoking kills. It is better to quit smoking in the best way and save your health. There are many ways to quit smoking. One such method is the nicotine patch to quit smoking.

Is nicotine patch effective?

Once you decided to quit smoking, avoid smoking triggers like cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, etc from your house, office, car, and bedroom.

Quit smoking is a habit that cannot be kicked off in a single day. You must have patience and tolerance to quit smoking. You must have great support from beloved ones and family members.

A nicotine patch is one of the best methods that help to quit smoking. Nicotine patch resembles a clear bandage. The size of the dosage is between one to a two-inch square.

Study shows that the usage of nicotine patch shows the success rate in smoking cessation. Nicotine patch provides a controlled dose of nicotine throughout the day. Hence, it helps to withdraw nicotine habits.

How does nicotine patchwork?

The nicotine patch provides a steady control of nicotine throughout the day. Once the patch strength is reduced, it gradually helps to wean the user themselves off the nicotine habit gradually.

Nicotine patches comes in 3 dosage strengths: 21mg, 14mg, & 7mg. The 21mg pack is used for the chain smokes who usually take 20 or more cigarettes in a day.

And gradually the pack strength is reduced to kick off the smoking habit. Nicotine patch must be applied once in a day to hairless, clean and dry skin. Once you apply the patch leave for 16 to 24 hours in a day before the second patch.

Gradually reduce from 21mg pack to 14mg pack and finally to 7mg pack, at one final stage stop using nicotine patch that greatly helps to quit smoking habit.

Remember that never start to use nicotine patch before the bedtime. It may disturb your sleep and human never smoke during sleeping time. Better use the nicotine patch to quit smoking in the morning.

Some of the side effects of nicotine patches include:

Itching, tingling, burning and swelling at the patch may occur once you apply the patch. You may feel dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and upset stomach.

It is the usual side effect, that won’t affect majorly. Sometimes if you feel serious in case of severe rash, continuous swelling, abnormal heartbeat then it is advisable to consult a doctor for better medications.

Kicking off smoking habit to quit smoking

A nicotine patch is a solid tool helps for kicking off the smoking habit. Gradual reduction of dosage gives a better result and best response in the body and health. Once you decide to quit smoking you must stick on not to touch a cigarette again along with the nicotine patch to quit smoking habit.

Do not smoke when using a nicotine patch that may harm or cause risk of receiving the overdose of nicotine. Apply the above task for lasting release from nicotine addiction and best results.