Social Programs Conducted By A Broader View Volunteers

Traveling abroad for a social cause which also helps you in gaining knowledge about the lifestyles and heritage of other countries is certainly the best chance. A Broader View Volunteer one such promoter of most efficient and meaningful programs which not only helps the students for their future career but also involves them in the social service as well. Since 2007, several projects have been accomplished by the founder and organizer with selected team members. Social projects which are focused on language immersion as well as gaining knowledge are much appreciable then just social services which are why a bunch of social programs is kept open for the interested volunteers from all around the world.

Some essential social programs conducted

  • Museum Assistance: – Under this program, volunteers are encouraged to spend their time at MADC (Museum of Contemporary Art and Design) in San Jose. This can enhance their communication skill and being a part of the language immersion program new language can also be skilled by talking to several visitors to the museum.
  • Social welfare programs: – This program promotes the basic social well being of every individual thus offering an organized provision of cultural, medical, educational and financial assistance to the huge number of people in need. People with special needs such as elder people, neglected women, abused people, and orphan children are also provided necessary help to boost their way of living.
  • Coach assistance in sports: – Volunteers can get themselves engaged in football to participate in the practice sessions which also include coaching for coaches and referees. The program is meant to assist the coaches in monitoring the players, database development, organization of tournaments, etc.
  • Dance: – Besides being a part of medical mission trips, Volunteers those who are having passion for dance can improve their skills under this program in Africa where dance is also used for educative purposes and to bring a community closer.


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