Spa Covers: Let’s Know Them

When looking for the best cover for you, feature, sturdiness, and aesthetics are the variables that you’ll want to consider primarily. There are four major kinds of spa covers: Smartop Covers, Soft Health Spa Covers, Hard Spa Covers, and Aluminum Spa Covers.

  • Soft Medical Spa Covers: These covers are made of a long-lasting, vinyl textile. The textile is stretched over the top of your hot tub and then attached to the hot tub cupboards. Generally, a plastic pillow, full of air, is put underneath, so rainwater does not pool up throughout stormy weather conditions.
  • Hard Hot Spa Covers: Hard jacuzzi covers are the covers you see most often as well as being one of the most popular among all covers. They are made of plastic as well as foam cores, with a joint situated in the center. They are made to fit the specs of your hot tub specifically, which aids in sealing the sides of the jacuzzi. These covers are additionally cost-effectively priced as well as have a high R-value. R-value is the capability of the material that insulates the cover to assist in resisting warmth flow. Higher R-Value is higher insulation.
  • Aluminum Health Spa Covers: These lightweight covers are made of a Styrofoam core that is put in between lightweight aluminum plates, with a lightweight aluminum border trim. The terrific aspect of Styrofoam is that it doesn’t take in much water so that these covers can be for the long-term. They do have a reduced R-value. Nevertheless, there is no skirt over the side of the spa.
  • Smartop Covers: Smartop covers are durable, lightweight aluminum hot tub covers with a hydraulic lifter connected. Also known as the most hassle-free cover, you will stumble upon! The hydraulic lifter enables you to open up the cover with stability as well as ease, while its foam insulation assists to prevent hefty water absorption. These covers are made from a UV immune polymer deck surface, which is terrific when it comes to combating all weather aspects.

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