Staying Comfortable in a Wheel Chair

Staying comfortable in a wheel chair can pose a challenge for people that sadly use them. The human body was not meant to sit in a wheelchair all day. However, there are ways to position your wheelchair for optimal comfort and relaxation. With the advent of plastic, rubber, and poly-stretch materials, wheelchairs are now ergonomically designed with larger seating spaces for users.

When it comes to staying comfortable in a wheelchair, there are even accessories you can have installed to make it safer and cozier. Whether you need a wheelchair for medical purposes or temporary injuries, here are some ways to avoid backaches and make the best out of your situation.

Lumbar Support for Wheelchairs

The lumbar area of the wheelchair can make or break your comfort level. This, of course, is the little space in the lower part of the back that curved inward. This area needs proper support to avoid back strain while sitting in a wheelchair. Simply use a lumbar support seat attachment or pillow to make you more comfortable. You can even use a small towel or throw a pillow if there is enough room to place them.
Lumbar support in wheelchairs has been shown to improve postures in people that use these units. They are easy to install, mobile, and offer better comfort for all types of seating positions on wheelchairs.

Use a Padded Cushion

A padded cushion can also make all the difference in the world. There are so many padded cushions at local stores that you can pick up for your wheelchair. These units are made from fine fabrics with inflated nodules that create a pillow-like effect under your seat. They also contour to your body so you don’t have to adjust the cushion all the time. Most wheelchair users use padded cushions to avoid the hardness of the unit’s seat from causing pain or discomfort to their backsides.

You can even select from high profile or low profile padded cushions. High profile cushions have more nodules while low profile ones have fewer nodules. Most insurance companies also cover the cost of these accessories –, especially for elderly patients. Speak to your primary care physician about the benefits of padded cushions. We recommend this one – https://everlastingcomfort.net/products/wheelchair-seat-cushion-gel-infused.

Cushioned Arm Rests are Ideal for Comfort

Cushioned armrests are better than hard plastic armrests. If your wheelchair has armrests, make sure they are cushioned before buying it. Speak to your surgical appliances store about units with cushioned or padded armrests for added comfort and convenience. There are also cushions that you can tie onto armrests and remove when not in use. These tend to cost a bit less than actually padded armrests. Either way, your arms, and elbows have to be comfortable — especially if you will be using the unit all day and night long.

Adjust the Footrest

Another way to get comfortable in your wheelchair is to adjust its footrest. If the footrest is too high, it can hurt your backside since it pushes it against the corner of the seat. The key is to have your knees a bit higher than your hips for optimal comfort. Most footrests are adjustable so it’s easy to position them as desired.