Suffering Sciatic Pain Because A Disc Slip? This Is What You Must Do!

If you are looking for an effective way to improve the discomfort caused by sciatica and herniated discs, surgery is not always the answer. There are many tools and methods suggested by specialists that can help eliminate pain and allow you to live your life normally. Always try to be very careful with miracle products, always review the opinions of specialists to avoid falling into scams and avoid having bad experiences or even affect your health.

There are methods such as corticosteroid injections, ozone therapy or acupuncture that aren’t bad methods, but that only block pain. There are simple exercise routines that can relieve the pain and in some cases correct your problem, there are also orthopedic tools with high therapeutic effect such as Cordus-Sacrus, in addition there are quite a few supplements that will help you improve cartilage such as glucosamine with retina, shark cartilage and others.

There are also sciatica patients who report that the practice of physical activities such as yoga, pilates or swimming have helped them reduce pain considerably and thus have improved their quality of life. However, the exercises are effective only if we perform them under supervision. Otherwise, this can make your back pain worse.

In your search for the best method for sciatica or disc slip, consider all the factors: negative opinions, if it is an invasive method if the sessions are expensive, if it only relieves pain or also helps you correct the cause, etc. Always keep in mind that according to specialists, only 5% of patients with herniated disc really need surgery.

So you know, if the doctor’s first option is surgery and you don’t feel bad enough to explore other options, try it. Find another doctor or specialist who gives you a second opinion, verify that the method, treatment or tool that you decide to try isn’t a scam and that is endorsed by specialists, check the different users’ opinions, know if you can try it before buying it and investigate if the results are guaranteed.

Don’t forget that it also depends on improving your habits so that you help your spine to improve faster. Check your postural hygiene when sitting, walking and sleeping; verify that the mattress on which you sleep is right for you; watch your diet; and do some physical activity like walking.