The Free Radicals and the NMN Powder for You

Most free radicals have a great capacity for destroying cellular structures (especially lipids and proteins) and are responsible for skin damage which occurs over time, even for premature cell death. Free radicals are therefore partly responsible for slowing down the cell cycle.

For the Free Radicals

Free radicals, however, should not be considered inevitable. In fact, as part of the normal functioning of cells, they are captured and neutralized by antioxidants, a sophisticated defense system capable of absorbing and stopping them. However, over time, the skin’s ability to neutralize them decreases. We speak of oxidative stress when an imbalance occurs in favor of an excess of free radicals compared to the activity of the antioxidant defense systems. All components of the skin cells are then altered.

In addition, in some cases, free radicals can be used by the immune system to fight against certain bacteria (nature is well done, we tell you).  This is where the use of the nmn powder comes useful.

Our environment and our lifestyle are also involved in skin aging

The real problem lies in our modern way of life. Indeed, the production of free radicals can be boosted by many environmental factors having an “oxidizing” effect on cells, such as, too much alcohol consumption, too rich and unbalanced food, cigarette smoke, overexposure to the sun, pollution, etc.

  • Faced with this overproduction of free radicals, the natural defenses of cells are no longer sufficient and free radicals can then act.
  • As you will have understood, the first thing to do to prevent skin aging is to have a healthy lifestyle in order to preserve your cells from all these “oxidizing” factors.
  • In addition, care (preferably organic) and a diet rich in antioxidants (also called “anti-free radicals”) can also boost the natural defenses of our cells against this excess of free radicals and, thus, prevent the skin aging.
  • Foods like red fruits, plums, spinach, broccoli, garlic, and cabbage are known to be particularly rich in antioxidants.

Generally, the first external signs of skin aging appear between the ages of 25 and 30: wrinkles are then only visible when the face comes alive: these are expression lines. Over time, these marks are imprinted more and more until they remain present when the face is at rest. They will become deeper and more numerous as you get older. To prevent the first signs of sagging skin and fine lines of expression often take shape in the corners of the eyes, the expert recommends an  eye contour treatment with essential oils, or an anti-wrinkle serum with royal jelly.

But, it really varies from person to person: we observe, for example, that oily skin wrinkles less quickly but has a tendency to sag more quickly than dry skin. There are also many factors that aggravate the process along the way. Knowing them can help prevent premature aging of the skin exposure to UV rays: the sun is the number 1 enemy of the skin! Its ultraviolet rays (like those from sunbeds) weaken the skin cells, which are a source of cancer, and make the dermis less elastic. It is therefore a question of anticipating from an early age and acquiring preventive actions in the face of the sun.