The Perfect Benefits of the Menstrual Cups

A menstrual cup (also called a cup or menstrual cup) is a feminine hygienic protection used during menstruation. It consists of a small bell-shaped cup with rounded edges and usually ends with a small rod allowing easier removal.

This menstrual cup is positioned in the vagina and collects the menstrual flow without drying the vaginal flora (because no absorption of blood like a tampon does). It must be emptied every 6 hours at most and cleaned with care before being re-inserted.

The material of the cup in Greece, mostly silicone, has been validated by the medical profession. It measures between 40 and 60 millimeters (to be modulated according to the chosen brand, the size and the length of the rod).

Warning: A menstrual cup is not a method of contraception. This product should only be used for feminine hygiene.

Why use menstrual cups instead of tampons or pads?

Use of a menstrual cup

The advantages of the Women’s Cup that we market are numerous. Let’s take a look at the main ones:

The menstrual cup is safe: It is made of 100% platinum medical silicone. It is hypoallergenic, phthalate free, bisphenol A free, whitening agent free, latex free, dye free and fragrance free. Your health and hygiene are thus respected.

The menstrual cup is reliable: It offers reliable protection without leakage. As the blood is shielded from the air, it naturally avoids unpleasant odors, so you stay fresh all day.

The menstrual cup is practical: Small and discreet, you can take your Cup wherever you want. It is ideal when traveling. It can be used day and night. Many women only empty their Cup twice a day, which is obviously practical.

The menstrual cup is comfortable: The female cup is very easy to insert and remove. Once set up, you will forget it very quickly. Thanks to its flexibility and shape, it fits perfectly to the vaginal walls, so that you maintain complete freedom in your usual activities during your period.

The menstrual cup is economical: a woman uses nearly 12,000 tampons or sanitary napkins in her life! A menstrual cup is used for several years. Do the math yourself… By using our Women’s Cup, you save hundreds of euros!

The menstrual cup is ecological: Opting for a menstrual cup also makes it easier to respect the environment. Finish unnecessary packaging (packaging, plastic protections, plastic bags …), no more tampons in the toilets, no more sanitary napkins in the trash … and in nature!

Another advantage, not insignificant: With a menstrual cup, you remain attractive even during your period. Fine lingerie, bright clothes, naked nights. In your privacy, you will no longer have the string that protrudes or the “big” panties to hold the sanitary napkin. All this for your greatest pleasure and that of your partner.

What are the other advantages?

Besides the ability to measure flow, menstrual cups have other benefits. They are economical: a cut lasts ten years, the cheapest on the market costs 13 euros, the most expensive 40 euros. They are ecological: safe material, reusable protection, no production of waste. Whereas a woman regulated normally will use between 10,000 and 15,000 periodic protections throughout her life.

Finally, many websites provide extensive documentation on menstrual cups. The most complete and documented is www.easycup.fr: in addition to general information, this site offers a wiki and a forum, on which users can ask questions and get answers from other users.