The Which and Where of Apple Cider Vinegar

Where to find good cider vinegar? This is a question that deserves to be asked. Indeed, vinegar is one of those elements that are not particularly difficult to produce, love, patience and good wine (or cider) Are the key to a good vinegar.

The problem of industrial production is that it lacks love and patience, as well as good cider certainly. As for homemade production, it requires some accessories, such as a vinegar and you do not necessarily want to embark on such a business. When you  buy apple cider vinegar then these are some of the things that you will have to think about.

Where to buy?

As mentioned above, apple cider vinegar is not necessarily a rare dish, it is found everywhere in supermarkets. Be careful though, because there may be great differences in quality between several vinegars. That is why it is necessary to lend an attentive ear.

Of course, you will certainly find the bio department of your supermarket, however, know that the default of these “organic vinegars” is that they are manufactured too quickly, according to an industrial process that deprives them of many qualities due to age .

If you notice the appearance of a deposit on the surface of the vinegar, do not worry, it is not bad sign, quite the contrary. The formation of this deposit, called “mother of vinegar” is an excellent indicator on the quality of your cider. He says that the process of fermentation through bacteria continues its course naturally, helping to make the product even better day after day.

Thus, if you are looking for a product with taste and medical virtues, prefer a reference produced by a master vinegar in the rules of art. If, however, you do not have any vinegar makers nearby and the shops do not offer you a product of satisfactory quality, order it online.

Use of cider vinegar

You are well advised on the criteria to take into account to choose a cider vinegar. If you have not yet read the other pages of the site, we will know too much advise you. You will find here:

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True elixir of life, this ingredient wants us well. Superb mine of nutritious treasure, this product will surprise you with its flavor and its various applications.

Whether biocoop or small organic stores, use the same recommendation as above. Always check the label. If on this one you see the mention ” unpasteurized cider vinegar”, then it’s good.

There is another hint that shows you that your vinegar is alive and well : the formation of a slight gelatinous deposit (mother of vinegar) at the bottom of the bottle . Because for a mother to be formed, bacteria must be present in the vinegar. If present, your vinegar is alive and well.