Things You Need To Know About ReLEx SMILE Surgery

ReLEx® SMILE stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. Sounds so complex, doesn’t it? But it really isn’t that complex. Basically, ReLEx SMILE is a type of eye refractive surgery, which means it aims to reshape your corneas to improve your vision quality. There are different types of laser vision correction surgeries, each with different techniques and methods, but for ReLEx SMILE, itis a no-flap and no-blade approach. Currently, it is the newest technologies in this field and it is well known for its comfort and success rates.

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Relatively speedy recovery

In total, ReLEx SMILE usually takes around 1-3 months for patients to reach total recovery. The initial recovery process for ReLEx SMILE also only takes around 1-3 days, this means that most ReLEx SMILE patients are able to see well enough to return to work after the 3rd days! which is very quick, if you were to compare to other laser vision correction procedures such as epi-LASIK or TransPRK, which might take 5 days for the initial recovery.

After 24 to 48 hours after surgery, you should be able to start returning to your normal activities. You will still need a lot of rest, but you should be able to go back to work and gradually transition back into your normal routine.

Comprehensive pre-screening to ensure suitability

Pre-screening is such an important part of any pre-operation. This applies for all eye refractive surgeries and any other medical procedures. A good pre-screening process helps your surgeons to know the most suitable and fitting procedures for your specific conditions. Think about it this way: without a thorough pre-screening process, how can your surgeon know about what you need and what will be the safest procedure for you?

Also a good pre-screening will also help to ensure that you can get the most accurate result for your laser vision correction surgery. Plus, you can use this time to actually ask questions to your surgeon, to clear any doubt you had in mind, so that you’ll feel more sure and relaxed during the surgery itself.

It’s definitely one of the reasons why you don’t need to be scared of getting a ReLEx SMILE surgery. In this pre-screening process, your eye surgeon will get the information they need to conduct the procedure in the safest way. On top of that, this pre-screening will also help determine whether ReLEx SMILE is the best alternative for you.

Modern Technology

Today, ReLEx SMILE and other laser vision correction surgeries such as LASIK and TransPRK are considereda safe surgery because the medical technology used for the surgeries are very advanced, even more so if you choose an experienced eye surgeonwith a good track record.

So do not be worried when you are undergoing ReLEx SMILE surgery. But of course you would still have to do your due diligence, that is, to do a research on which clinic you should go for.