Health Care

Tobacco vs Weed Usage


Long-term tobacco usage has often been related to a number of health issues. It can have serious impact and studies have shown that tobacco smoking is responsible for more than lakhs of death across the world. Hence, you can even consider that one in every five deaths is a result of tobacco smoking. 

Moreover, tobacco smoking leads to more deaths than any other causes. One of the trends observed in the recent world is the legalization of marijuana. Most of the countries are moving towards legalizing marijuana which is considered to be a great move. All of us are aware of the benefits of marijuana on health. But what is it that actually led to such moves? 

Here’s a bit of comparison between weed and tobacco on different aspects. 


Studies have shown that smoking tobacco is more harmful than smoking weed. Cigarette smoking can lead to serious disorders especially chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. But with cigarette smoking there’s a lesser risk of developing COPD. 

Researchers have often argued about the presence of carcinogens in cannabinoids which tend to have anti-cancer characteristics. But, the risk of developing cancer due to cigarette smoking is very high which is why a lot of people prefer avoiding it.

Whether you’re smoking weed plain or from a vaporizer, it is going to lower the risk of developing cancer. 


Tobacco addiction is very high whereas weed addiction chances are pretty low. This is mostly because tobacco is rich in chemical nicotine. Chemical nicotine makes the brain function in such a way that the brain always ends up wanting more. It has a severe impact on how the brain works. This is what makes it so hard to stop smoking tobacco. On the other hand, vaping isn’t tough. 

A lot of vape juices contain nicotine but they have a controlled amount. Marijuana usually doesn’t lead to addiction. 

Nicotine and THC

Comparatively, nicotine tends to have severe impacts on health than THC.  While on the other hand, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the active compound in cannabis tends to have better health benefits. 

THC is one of the bronchial dilators that allows lungs to open up and get rid of dirt and smoke. However, when trying to quit them, each of it can have severe withdrawal symptoms and it is very hard to quit it. 

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