Top 7 home remedies for fever

Fever due to weather change is common in kids as well as most adults. However, unlike a bacterial fever, viral fever doesn’t respond to anti-biotic. 

However, this means you may be suffering from more than just a normal fever such as typhoid. Knowing symptoms of typhoid can help you treat and bring down the fever easily. Some of these major typhoid symptoms are:

  • poor appetite
  • abdominal pain
  • headaches and weakness
  • high fever and cough

This may alarm you and make you worry more about your family’s health. However, with these viral fever home remedies , you can easily manage fever symptoms at home.


  • Stay cool


A bath is the best way to bringing your temperature down. Run yourself a bath with lukewarm water. You can add bathbombs to help soothe your muscles. 

If you’re not feeling up for a bath, a sponge bath or even placing a damp washcloth on your forehead and neck can do the trick. 


  • Stay hydrated


The high temperature might make your body dehydrated, which even makes you feel weak and tired all the time. Drinking plenty of fluids – not just water – can help your body keep hydrated and provide essential energy. Try drinking any of the following fluids to rehydrate your body:

  • Juice
  • soups
  • sports drinks
  • broths


  • Get enough rest


Your body is working hard to fight the infection, which results in viral fever.Soyou need to rest as much as you can to let your body recover from the fever. Take it easy during the day and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.


  • Wet socks remedy


Wet socks remedy is an effective way to bring down the temperature. For that, you need to keep your feet in hot water to warm them up. Then wear a thin pair of socks soaked in cold water. Put on a pair of dry wool socks over the wet ones.

Doing so would draw the blood to your feet and dramatically increase the blood circulation that helps ease your fever.


  • Try herbal tea


Herbal tea such as elderflower tea is an effective remedy to treat flu and cold. It also helps build your immunity to help your body fight off the infection. 

Ginger is well-known for treating a sore throat. A hot cup of ginger tea will aid your sore throat and induce sweating to reduce your body temperature.


  • Over the counter medication


Over-the-counter (OTC) medication can also reduce fever easily. In addition, these medications will help you feel less uncomfortable and more like yourself.


  • Add a little spice to your food


During fever, sprinkling cayenne pepper on your food can do the magic. Cayenne makes your body sweat also increases blood circulation.

Many-a-times an infection makes our body override and fight the germs and viruses, which results in fever. Infection due to contaminated food or water is common, especially in monsoon. Thus you need to follow healthy habits such as washing your hands before eating food to reduce the risk of infection and fever.

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