Top Tips to Help You Buy AED


Having a defibrillator can be the difference between life and death. That is why it is important to have one in the workplace, at home or in public spaces. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when you want to buy AED.

  • Buying an AED defib for your community

If you want to buy an AED defib that will be publicly available, consider fundraising within the community to get the funds that you need. Once you get the device, put it in a publicly accessible area so that anyone can use it.

  • Get funding

It is possible to get funding to finance your purchase. Check around your local community to see if there are any organizations that are willing to fully or partially fund the purchase of the AED defib. 

In addition, you can approach the organization that you want to buy from and ask them if they provide funding for purchase of publicly accessible defibrillators.

  • Quality feedback

Being able to get feedback when you are using the device can be really helpful. Therefore, this is one of the features you should check for when buying the device.

When you want to buy AED, find one that provides you with quality compression feedback live. The extra guidance that you get in real time will be quite beneficial to you and give you the confidence to take the right steps.

  • Life duration of pads and batteries

Find out how long the pads and batteries last. This is because these are the two components of this device that need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Finding a device where the pads and batteries have a long lifespan will be advantageous and help to keep your costs down. It might even be better to find a device where the batteries and pads expire at the same time so that when you are making a replacement, you can replace both of them at the same time.

  • Upfront costs and maintenance costs

It is important to consider both the upfront costs and costs of maintaining the device so that you have a good idea of the total costs that will be incurred.