Truths & Falsehoods About Receiving a Breast Lift

Thinking about receiving a breast lift but want to follow up on some things you heard before your procedure? Check out these truths and falsehoods about breast lift treatments.

The Truths:

  1. There is a difference between a breast lift & breast augmentation: Yes, there is. A breast lift elevates the breasts so that they sit in a more youthful position whereas breast augmentation surgery adds volume to the breasts. A breast lift makes it so that the nipples don’t point towards the floor and are pointing forward, like they were before getting older, gaining/losing weight or having kids.You can have a breast lift and breast lift sydney augmentation simultaneously, meaning your breasts can be elevated at the same time as an implant. Many women choose this procedure to regain fullness in the upper part of the breast and to improve their breast shape. An implant solves the problem of the gapping that happens between a push-up bra and the breasts.
  2. You might have drains: This can happen, but plastic surgeons typically avoid using drains. Drains are usually avoided for both breast lifts and breast lifts done simultaneously with breast augmentations. Consult your surgeon as to whether you will have drains.
  3. They will look larger than you expected: This is generally true, as the first few weeks is accompanied by swelling. Talk to your plastic surgeon and they will tell you what to expect regarding the size of your breasts post-surgery. Swelling is a normal reaction to the surgery.
  4. Wearing bras: Your surgeon will have you wear a post-procedural bra. If you find the bra comfortable then you should continue to wear it as it helps reduce swelling. If you are uncomfortable, pick one up that has no underwire, as underwire can rub on incisions and make you feel uncomfortable. Find a bra that provides ample support but not too much compression as this can also be uncomfortable. Don’t overspend on bras in the first few weeks after your surgery, as your breasts will be swollen and will change after time.

A couple of falsehoods

  1. They are going to remove your nipples: What?! Of course not! If a plastic surgeon were to completely remove the nipple it would lose its blood supply and cease to be reactive. They would be unable to breastfeed a baby, so the truth is that the nipples are kept on a “pedicle” – a blood supply with a vein and artery to provide the areola and nipple with blood and oxygen. So, the areola and nipple are elevated with soft tissue and breast tissue surrounding it. There is no “cutting off”!
  2. It hurts to get a breast lift: Typically no – it does not. A mastopexy is generally well-tolerated, and patients typically only need to take ibuprofen for a few days after their surgery. If you combine mastopexy with breast augmentation, then there is a greater chance of soreness and discomfort. It would then feel like you have done a huge pectoral workout at the gym.So, soreness can only really be expected if you are combining the surgery with breast augmentation, and this too will require a longer recovery period than if you were simply receiving the breast lift.
  3. You will be inactive for a week: This is not true! Many patients are up and walking a few hours after their breast lift surgery and you should be fine to do so a night after your surgery has taken place. But avoid heavy lifting, pushing etc. for four weeks after surgery.