Urgent Care vs. Standalone ER’s – Why We Need Both?

Life is the most beautiful thing ever gifted to a human being. But, a sudden medical emergency can cause havoc in life, and it can force people to make quick decisions about their lives. Medical emergencies can crop up at any point in your life, and one has to be ready. This is where urgent care health facilities can come to your rescue. It can not only save your life but provides you with extra care facilities needed for rehabilitation.

While the primary goal for both the urgent care and standalone ER tends to remain the same, the significant difference lies in the treatment procedure, extra facilities, personalized and prioritized medical professional attention. It can certainly go a long way in delivering a better experience to patients. Some of the points that mark the difference between urgent care and standalone ER’s are:

Priority attention

Standalone ER’s work in close coordination with knowledgeable and experienced medical care professionals to provide supreme health care support right from the moment the patient enters the facility. The patient is treated with ultimate care and offered close attention that reflects the true mission of humanity. In case of urgent care facilities, there are multiple procedures, documentation and formalities patient had to go through before it can receive any medical attention. Also, limited resources and lack of essential life support system is a big limitation.

The matter of comfort

As standalone ER’s are designed prioritizing the patient, there is less time to spend waiting for medical attention, diagnostic, examination and surgery. This is quite helpful in ensuring comfort and creating a stress-free environment for patient’s family. Things can change dramatically in case of urgent care facilities where it is extremely challenging for patient to negotiate busy personnel.


The most terrifying moment for a patient is not medical facilities under one roof. The patient had to undergo in different facilities to receive treatment. Standalone ER’s with its best-in-class facilities allows patient to undergo diagnostic tests like X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans all under one roof. While urgent care Pasadena seems to have some kind of resources but still it is nowhere close to Standalone ER’s.

The Need for Advanced Care

Standalone ER’s caters to every minute need of patients, which also includes serving the utmost comfort to friends and family. Therefore, they offer extended facilities like suites, drinks, food, and snacks to make sure they are relaxed and can care for the patient more closely. This can be quite challenging in urgent care settings where the number of patients who require medical attention and intensive care is pretty large in numbers. Delivering comfort to friends and family is almost impossible.

Bottom Line

The aim of medical care facilities is to offer seamless health care services to the patient. While both urgent care and standalone ER’s are quite different in terms of operating procedures, the objective of both remains the same, i.e. delivering the right care and comfort to patient. When working in tandem, they can achieve the sole purpose of health care, which is saving human life.