Use the Prunus dulcis to prune hair loss

She may look rugged and muddy on the outside but has a dynamic potential of nutrients that is as pure as white on the inside. A nut that has a great many benefits and serves to be the source of products like milk, oil, quick healthy snack etc. the almond is a wonder nut which has tons of nutrients and medical benefits.

They have a twin:

Like many other plants, the almond also has an evil twin that cannot be consumed. Yes there are two types of almonds one is the sweet almond and the other is the bitter almond. The bitter almonds are wild ones which are inedible and don’t have any uses because of their toxicity. They have a chemical constituent called the amygdalin which releases toxins upon processing. Hence we have the evil twin of the almond which is the bitter almond. But there is the sweet one which is the sweet almond and it is used everywhere for its miscellaneous benefits.

Uses of the sweet twin:        

The sweet almond has a variety of uses and gives several byproducts.  Almonds can be made into almond butter and almond milk. Almond butter is made by first heating up the almonds (along with skin) and then finely grinding them in a blender. The process is continued until it becomes buttery. On the other hand, almond milk is obtained by removing the skin and blending the pulp with water. It is then strained to get almond milk. Both almond butter and almond milk have uncountable beauty benefits. They nourish the skin and help in hair growth.

The second most important by-product of almond is the almond oil. Almond oil has immeasurable benefits and beauty benefits. Almond oil is used to treat hair loss. It has enriched amount of nutrients like zinc, monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E etc. All these are the main nutrients needed to promote hair growth.

Deracination of almond oil from almonds:

Almond oil extraction is a simple process and can be done by anyone at home. Firstly the almonds are blended in the blender with minimum speed. Later after the build-up is scraped off it is then blended further with high speed until the oil is released. In some processes, olive oil is mixed with it and then blended. After the blending, the substrate is strained to obtain almond oil. This oil can be applied on the skin or in the scalp to promote hair growth. However, the best way is to buy ready-made oils like bajaj almond drops hair oil. This is good and pure almond oil used to prevent hair loss.

Put a standstill to hair loss with bajaj almond drops hair oil:

Almond hair oil is a proven organic treatment to eradicate hair loss. We generally lose up to 100 strands of hair a day but that doesn’t show prominently as new hair growth replaces it. But when the hair growth rate is lesser than the rate of hair fall then it causes serious hair loss problem. However one can eradicate this problem by using bajaj almond drops hair oil.

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