Warming Strategies For This Winter

Winter is coming and one of the most difficult tasks during winter is keeping your bedroom environment warm and finding that cosy spot in your bed to sleep. Well, it is not a very difficult task anymore. With just a few steps and changes to your habits, you can welcome the winter with both hands. One of the first points to remember is that our body generates heat on its own. While the body heat might be difficult to handle during summer, come winter, it is very handy. By wrapping yourself in layers of winter clothing, you could keep yourself warm and the bed warm.  Let’s check out some simple tricks to make your bedroom warmer and cosier:

  • If you live in a colder area, it is important to invest in a good room heater. While using the heater, make sure that you warm up only the bedroom and not the entire home. Shut the doors of the bedroom to trap the heat inside and to feel cosy when it is time to sleep.
  • During winters, flannel materials are the ideal fabric to combat cold weather. Therefore, flannel bedsheets will keep you warmer than regular cotton. By using bedsheets made of flannel, you could keep yourself warm. Since flannel is a material that is made of cotton which is fluffed up, it retains more body temperature
  • Instead of having just one bed and a thick blanket, you could try to create layers of fabric which help in trapping the heat. Another advantage of using many fabric layers is that in case the weather turns too hot, you could always remove few until you are comfortable with the temperature.
  • One of the warmest options when it comes to filling the comforters are using feathers. Apart from feathers wool is an amazing choice for fillings. For people who are conscious of animal-based fillings, you can go for fibre or wool. Both trap the temperature inside.
  • You can also check out for different bedroom colours for sleep which can finally help you get some shut eyes.
  • When it comes to blanket materials as well as using wool or fleece will help in retaining the heat. They have tiny air pockets that act as a trap for body heat and they are warmer than the traditional synthetic fibres. There are many types of wool such as sheep wool, lamb wool and cashmere. Choose one that best suits your location and personal preference.
  • The memory foam mattress manufactured by Wakefit is another great choice for countries like India. Make sure to choose memory foam mattresses with cool foam layer for cooling.  Therefore, the memory foam mattress seems like a great option.
  • There are also blankets that come with electric pads built-in for keeping the blanket warm. These could prove to be of good use if you hate a cold bed. Understand the safety and heating aspects well before investing in one.
  • Blowing some hot air in between the sheets also works well. There are specific devices that are designed for this purpose. The heated air over a ceramic unit and then the air gets blown in between the sheets. This way the bed and blanket stay warm and keeps you warm too.
  • A simple but effective way of staying warm is using a hot water bottle next to you. Fill a rubber water bottle with hot water and cuddle with the water bottle to keep yourself warm. You could use the water bottle as a foot warmer too while it is too hot and then use it next to you. While this sounds like a simple idea, it works and there is no need for additional investment or equipment to get this done.

If all of this doesn’t work, snuggle up to your partner and get a good night’s sleep.