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Many people suffer with aches and pains for a short while after carrying out exercise and other activities that place your body under strain but often these disappear and they are back to normal after a day or two, however some others finds that pains don’t simply go away and in fact continue or become worse after time.

If you have started to feel that pains you have been experiencing have begun to get more noticeable or that a lack of mobility is affecting your daily lifestyle finding out if you could use Physical Therapy to help address these problems may be a really good solution.

Without the need for medication or any other medical intervention physical therapy is created with the aim of using exercise, massage and other methods to help repair any areas of damage or weakness and encourage the body to return to its original heathy and pain free state.

Especially effective for knee and back pain relief as well as many other pain related problems many people have reported finding a real improvement in their quality of life after following a personalised physical therapy program with the support of the friendly team at Butheau Physiotherapy.

Usually pain in the joints and muscles is caused by weakness, cramping or trapped nerves and muscles, often because strain has been placed on the body in one particular area for too long or because there is damage due to a previous injury or illness. By strengthening key areas and loosening areas of tightness to release any cramped or trapped muscles or nerves you can make a real difference to mobility and also greatly reduce any pain, at Butheau Physiotherapy they will be able to help you create an individual physical therapy plan that is tailored to your personal level of fitness and ability that targets the key areas that are causing you pain or discomfort.

Once you have completed an initial assessment where you can discuss the pain you are experiencing and your final goal and a fully qualified physiotherapist has been able to carry out a full examination you will be able to make a start on your plan.

Although physical therapy isn’t going to provide instant knee and back pain relief if you continue with the plan over time you will begin to see a real difference and, in many cases, it is possible to make the pain disappear altogether. At Butheau Physiotherapy they can also give you plenty of information and advice regarding small lifestyle changes or exercises you can perform in the future to help ensure that the pain stays away for good.

So if you are looking for a way to get knee and back pain relief and don’t want to rely on painkillers and other medication why not get in touch with Butheau Physiotherapy to find out more about what physical therapy may have to offer you? With a wide range of information and literature available to give you all the information you need and the opportunity to make an appointment to find out more before you make any commitments at all you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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