For one to become a dental hygienist, you need to go to a Dental Hygienist School. With the varied options available, the process of picking making out a good dental hygiene program can be a bit daunting. If you are planning on becoming on dental hygienist and do not know which course to go for, then we are here to help you. Following criterions are what goes into the making of a good dental hygiene program. So before making a decision make sure your course satisfies all of the following criterions

  1. CDAC Accreditation:

All dental hygiene programs in Canada have to be accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation in Canada (CDAC). The CDAC has been legally mandated to develop a strict set of requirements that all the college programs have to abide by. The CDAC posts the approved set of programs on its website. 

 To get accredited, CDAC sends an accreditation survey team to the college. This team carries out a thorough check and scrutinizes the specifics of the program being offered. The information is provided by the students, instructors and the stakeholders of the college. 

 As there are not a lot of accredited programs, some colleges might even offer non-accredited programs. If you are planning to go for such a program it is a big risk that you would be undertaking as you might not be allowed to sit for the National Dental Hygiene Certification Exam. Without clearing this exam, you will not be able to practice as a dental hygienist..

  1. Instructions should be experienced:
    When looking into the course, make sure that it is being taught by experienced instructors. Being a dental Hygienist is a hands-on profession and the instructors who have only theoretical knowledge, would not be able to provide you with the much needed practical knowledge. 
  2. Acquiring the skills:
    Hands-on experience is a crucial part of any program. It should give you the liberty to interact with equipment and tools that you would be making use of in the future. Not only that the job requires you to interact with people and the program should also help you to develop your interpersonal skills. 
  3. Career Services Department:
    The profession of a dental hygienist has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. Despite that, many students feel that finding a job is challenging. The school that you plan to attend should offer you some sort of coaching or dedicated services that help you find a job..
  4. Enriched Environment:
    As most dental programs are about 2 years long, make sure that the school you choose has a conducive learning environment. Things like extra-curricular activities, dorms, available amenities are a few things that you should consider before making the decision. 
  5. Fee Structure:
    When going through the quoted fee, make sure that textbooks, a set of periodontal instruments, scrubs, lab coat, safety glasses, dental model and handouts are included in it.