What Chemicals Do You Need to Maintain Your Hot Spa?

Hot spa chemistry is a thing that need not make you nervous, as well as soon as you master it, many hot tubs are going to exhibit something of its own chemical character, one that you will learn more about well.

What I imply is, you will learn more about when it requires more of something, as well as if you were to really geek out, and keep a health facility chemical log, you could see water equilibrium patterns in time.

As an example, my hot spa is checked 2 to 3 times each week, as well as I record the readings in a small book. When I backflip thru, I can see that concerning every three weeks, I reduced the pH, as well as about every six weeks I require to elevate the alkalinity. I additionally see that generally, I make use of 14 bromine tablets as well as 9 oz of medical spa shock each month. Good to recognize.

Yet you didn’t come here to hear stories regarding my hot tub; you came here to figure out precisely what chemicals are needed to keep a jacuzzi? What do you need to acquire, as well as what do you really require?

There are dozens of different groups of hot tub chemicals, each with concerning dozens of different chemicals, almost from dozens of various brands. And that is what makes chemicals for hot tubs look so confusing; let’s check if we cannot simplify into spa maintenance chemicals.


  • Test Strips: Test spa water 2 to 3 times weekly
  • Bromine Booster: After draining raises the bromide levels
  • Bromine tablet: For constant sanitation
  • Day spa pH and alkalinity balancers, as required
  • Spa Shock: Normal super-sanitation, regular


  • Hot Tub Calcium Increaser: Increases firmness of water
  • Jacuzzi Clarifiers: Coagulates small particles for less complicated filtering
  • Mineral Purifier: Detoxifies with copper as well as silver ions
  • Spa Cleaner/Polish: Clean as well as brighten the hot spa shell