What if I don’t get my Wisdom Teeth removed?

You might not be sure what to do when your dentist suggests getting wisdom teeth removal Sydney. Many people feel like why they should remove it when their wisdom teeth don’t cause any problems. Most of the time, wisdom teeth cause problems, and it is wise to listen to your dentist. Leaving your wisdom teeth without removing can cause many issues that can lead to a wide range of problems. To help you prevent some of the dental problems, the dentist suggests affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. Here are some of the common issues which may arise when you skip wisdom teeth removal.


When wisdom teeth grow in, it can cause teeth, mouth, and jaw pain. The pain can range from minor discomfort to unbearable pain. However, if the teeth grow crooked or they don’t have sufficient space to grow, they can also damage the adjacent teeth causing alignment issues. Then you will be put into a situation of requiring orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile.

Decay and Cavities:

Tooth decay and cavities are other problems that arise when the wisdom teeth grow impacted as they have no space to erupt through the gums. These teeth make it hard for cleaning and impossible to reach with your toothbrush. Even when you take proper care of those teeth, the crowded space can cause problems.


If your wisdom teeth don’t grow properly through the gums or if they are impacted under the jaw, they can result in infection and cause cyst that can damage adjacent tooth roots or bone structures. Hence, even if the teeth are not growing, it can cause problems.

Gum Disease:

One of the significant reasons why dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal Sydneyis, as a precaution to avoid gum disease. When wisdom teeth emerge partially through the gums, they create a passage that is really hard for cleaning. Hence this spot attracts bacteria and results in oral infection and gum disease. In this condition, the tissues around the gums inflame and make you require immediate dental help.

Jaw damage and Sinus issues:

There are chances for a cyst to form around the wisdom teeth if they are not appropriately treated. This can hollow out the jaw and also cause nerve damages. This can further lead to sinus issues, including pressure and pain. In extreme cases, tumours might even form.

These issues can form at any stage of wisdom teeth growth. From before, these teeth break into the jawline to years after they have grown completely. So if your dentist suggests cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney, it is often a wise choice to go for it. Wisdom teeth removal is a simple and comfortable process to save your precious smile.