What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

When it comes to prescription medication, one size—or form—of medication does not fit all. But, a compounding pharmacy can customize medication so that it meets the distinct needs of each patient.

Compounding medication allows patients to get their prescription drugs in dosages and forms that are not available at local drug stores. What’s more, personalized medication can help patients avoid complications that they may experience with drugs commonly sold at traditional Top Pharma Franchise Company.

Think of a compounding pharmacy as a personalized medication dispenser.

Retail Pharmacy vs. Compounding Pharmacy 

Unlike a traditional retail pharmacy where customers take whatever medication a pharmacist gives them, a compounding pharmacy prepares made-to-order medication.

For instance, if a drug only comes in the form of large pills but a patient has problems swallowing pills, a compounding pharmacy may provide the same medication, but in liquid form.

Similarly, a patient may need a type of medication that can go far in improving that person’s health. Yet, the patient may have an allergic reaction to the gluten, dyes or preservatives contained in the drug.

In this case, a doctor can prescribe a compounding medication that eliminates the substances that cause the allergic reaction.

The Advantages of Customized Medication

If you take more than one pill each day, then you may benefit from a compounding pharmacist’s ability to mix multiple pills into one dose. What better way to follow your doctor’s order of taking your medication every day?

In addition to that, if a patient refuses to take medication because of its awful taste, a compounding pharmacy can add a particular flavor to make the taste more pleasant.

In short, doctors have another avenue for improving the health of their patients. And, they can do this by placing patients on the road to a compounding pharmacy.