What Is Involved In Getting A Spray-Tan

For someone who’s interested in getting a spray-on tan, but has never done it before, the idea of booking an appointment and going to a session for the first time can be a little daunting. The real reason behind this is simple: they’ve never done it before, so it’s unfamiliar. So, for those who are curious, here’s what is involved in a visit a salon for your first spray tan.

First, discretion is key to a tanning salon’s survival. Because of this, all sessions take place in a private booth. The days of “pick a color” are also long gone in favor of a helpful specialist who can take in a person’s complexion and help them decide on which solution is the best for them, if they want the advice that is!

The biggest question, of course, is also the one that people are most afraid to ask and that is what do they wear to a spray-tan session? The answer is that a person can wear a bathing suit or nothing at all if they want to avoid tanning lines. Many studios that will also supply a disposal thong if that’s what one would prefer or they simply forgot to bring something with them. The tan itself has to stain on for a few hours before a client can rinse it off, but that is for the quickest tans they offer.

People have also probably heard that they don’t just stand still during the session. The process means that the spray has to get everywhere to be effective, so yes, all that’s needed is to take a few simple postures and then that part of the process is complete. A good salon will allow the client to review the results, just in case they’d prefer to go darker, although that’s usually not advisable.

Understandably, people want to know just what they’re being sprayed with. Future clients can relax because most clinics have switched to using organic ingredients that are healthy for the skin. The spray will also not block a person’s pores.

Once a client has just the right hue to their skin, they’re ready for the final step of the process. If someone has ever blow-dried their hair, this last part won’t be of any consequence to them. For about five to ten minutes, clients need to stand in front of a fan, feel the breeze, and dry off!

With final approval from the client, the session is complete. All in all, the entire process is actually pretty quick, only requiring about twenty minutes to go through the entire process.

The final thing that people usually want to know is just how long that brand new tan will last? The answer is that the tan will usually stay on the skin for about five days, but can last up to a week if properly cared for. Proper care means using oil-free products during that time.

So, that’s what is involved in getting a spray-tan, which is surprisingly fast and simple to do!