What Is Natural Birth with HypnoBirthing


Giving birth is one of the greatest gifts that women possess.  Being able to conceive, nurture, and eventually reproduce is nothing short of a miracle. However, when many expectant mothers think about the process of giving birth, fear of pain engulfs their minds.  

While healthcare caregivers may be quick to administer pain-relieving medications, some mothers prefer going the natural way. So, does this mean mothers who choose to give birth naturally have no options for managing pain? No. 

Natural birth with HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method, was invented to help expectant mothers who want to give birth naturally manage their fear and anxiety during labor to achieve a more relaxed and comforting birthing experience. 

Let us take a close look at this method and how it is different from other childbirth methods.

What Is Natural Birth with HypnoBirthing?

Invented by Marie “Mickey” Mongan, HypnoBirthing focuses on helping expectant mothers understand the fact that their bodies were made to give birth naturally. The method uses a wide range of self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared to give birth. It provides you with a means of how to manage fear, pain, and anxiety during labor.

Although hypnobirthing programs may differ, natural birth classes generally teach participants how to use a combination of soothing music, positive thinking, visualization, and right words to control sensations and relax their body during labor. 

At its core, natural birth with hypnobirthing aims at helping an expectant mother deal with the fear and anxiety build around natural birth. The reasoning behind this technique is that once your body and mind are in a relaxed state, childbirth can happen swiftly and painlessly because your body doesn’t “fight” the natural process.

Contractions and Pain vs. Surges and Pressure

Language is always a big part of natural birth classes. That is why we don’t have terms such as contractions and pain in these classes.  Natural birth instructors refer to contractions as surges and the slight discomfort of childbirth pain as pressure.  

The idea is to get rid of words that may trigger feelings of fear and physical tension. The language tweaks may seem like nothing, but it goes a long way towards creating mental awareness and preparedness.  

However, it is good to keep in mind that the use of positive language isn’t meant to dismiss or deny the discomfort and traumatic experiences some women endure during childbirth. 

It is intended to diffuse the negative messages of fear build around child delivery and inform your mind that natural birth doesn’t have to be as painful and frightening as you have been made to believe. 

Learning Natural Birth with HypnoBirthing

Typically, these classes are taught over five class periods, with each meeting session lasting for about two to three hours. 

The modules covered include the history of childbirth and the general HypnoBirthing philosophy, how to bond with your unborn baby, advanced self-hypnosis and visualization techniques, what to expect during childbirth, birthing experience, and how to bond with your baby during the first few months.