With age the skin starts to lose its elasticity, in women, this is one of the reasons why breasts begin to sag. Childbirth, weight gain and weight loss are some of the other reasons for it. If you have been considering undergoing Breast Lift Toronto, then it is high time you did your research on it. With social distancing norms in place, then you should book an e-appointment with Dr Golger and Dr Romy. During this consultation they will help you to decide what the procedure can do for you and whether you are the perfect candidate for it or not.

What is a breast lift?

 As the breasts start to lose their natural shape and firmness, some women choose to augment the appearance, size and shape of the breasts. Breast lift is a counting procedure in which the breast skin is lifted and tightened, giving the breasts a more youthful appearance. This procedure perfectly complements the breast implant procedure.

What happens during the procedure?

Breast lift procedure is a two-hour long procedure, which involves making a small anchor-like incision along the underside of the breast. After the excess skin has been removed, the nipple and areola are moved into a higher position. The skin which is around the areola is brought together to reshape the breast.

What is the recovery process like?

Before undergoing the procedure the surgeon will share the list of post-operative instructions that you need to follow to the T for best results. The recovery process calls for plenty of rest and limited movement. Right after the procedure is over bandages are applied to aid the healing process. For the first few days, some patients complain about minor pain which has been associated with surgery. This can be treated with the help of oral medication. Pain and discomfort are usually felt for the first day or two after the procedure, and then rapidly starts to diminish. If you see bruising or swelling, then don’t fret it is normal. This bruising and swelling will take about three weeks to disappear.

Surgical closure techniques to aid the healing incisions will be given depending upon the number and size of the incisions. The instructions which are provided to you need to be followed strictly as they will help in optimal healing of the wounds. Shortly after the surgery, the stitches will be removed and you will be provided with another list of instructions that you need to follow for the follow-up appointments.

After undergoing the procedure it is crucial that you avoid doing any heavy exercises or lifting heaving for at least a month or two. Some patients nipples become numb but this usually diminished within a month or two. complications after undergoing a breast lift procedure are very rare. To minimize any potential problems the surgeon will give you a list of medications that you might need to stop and be honest with them about your medical history always comes in handy.