What Leads to Body Zaps Anxiety Symptoms?

Body zaps and body jolts are common symptoms of anxiety. Several people experience body zaps anxiety symptoms when they are in stress or are anxious. 

How do You Feel when You Get Body Jolts?

It will like your brain, head, and the whole body is experiencing a sudden jolt or jolts. This is just like feeling a tremor or shake. 

During this situation, it might feel like your body is experiencing an electric shock. People describe it as feeling like their body was zapped. Body zaps and jolts can affect the part of the body and then migrate to many areas. So, it is quite common for body zaps and jolts to affect the whole body at once. 

It can happen frequently or rarely. Usually, jolts and zaps don’t last for more than an hour. However, body tremors can persist. Body zaps and jolts follow an episode of anxiety, nervousness, and elevated stress. Its intensity can be from slight to severe. 

Causes of Body Zaps Anxiety Symptoms

If you are going through stressful times, you will experience this sensation. There are two main causes of this symptom. Let’s check it out. 

  • Related to Antidepressant and Anti-Anxiety Medication

You might be experiencing this symptom due to anxiety medication. It can when you have just started with the medication or on it for a long time. As anxiety medication has an effect on the nervous system, medicine’s effect will cause the nervous system to function erratically. 

Thus, you can experience body jolts when you take such medicines. In case you experience such symptoms, it is better to talk to your doctor. 

  • Effects of Hyperstimulation

When you are anxious, it activates the body’s stress response. This can stress the body, as well as the nervous system. This includes the brain. When your body goes through excessive stress, it starts showing symptoms. Thus, you will experience, 


  • Tremors
  • Shakes
  • Zaps
  • Jolts


However, even though these symptoms can be startling as they occur suddenly, it doesn’t cause any harm. It merely happens because you are overstressed. 

Treating Body Zaps Anxiety Symptoms

The best way to treat the symptom is to reduce stress and allow your body to respond. Since you experience this symptom due to stress build-up, you cannot expect to eliminate it with a snap of a figure. 

You have to work every day to reduce stress until it is no longer a factor. As your body returns to normal, it will stop showing symptoms like zaps and jolts. 

Sensations caused by lingering stress is an indication that, 

  • You keep seeing stress response from a stressful circumstance or situation.
  • The body hasn’t recovered yet.
  • The stress level of the body isn’t come down.

So, the lingering stress sensation isn’t an indication that you are suffering from a more serious issue. It will disappear with the hyper-stimulated state.

As fretting or worrying about these symptoms and sensations can stress the body, these behaviors interfere with the recovery process.