What Makes Pico Laser the Best Over Other Laser Treatments?

If you’re contemplating laser skin rejuvenation for the first time, you’re probably navigating through an ocean of laser recommendations. How do you determine which one is the greatest fit for your needs?

Many people have had excellent results with the Pico laser in Singapore. It’s a one-of-a-kind picosecond laser that has obvious results without the need for harsh or extreme therapy. Pico laser in Singapore provides results equivalent to traditional fractional laser treatment. It’s suitable for all genders, ages, races, and skin types. Wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, skin discoloration, dark spots, and general skin texture and tone can all be treated with a single laser.

Consultation in an aesthetic clinic in Singapore is the best way to find out if  Pico laser is right for you. They can provide consultations so that you can learn more about possible treatments without committing to anything.

What Is The Pico Laser And How Does It Work?

Picosecond lasers are used in the Pico laser treatment. It targets pigmentation and damage to the skin with incredibly brief light pulses. Because the pulses are so short, they aid in preventing tissue damage and hyper-focus the therapy benefits. This cuts down on downtime while also improving patient comfort. The Pico laser may be used to treat a variety of issues, including hyperpigmentation, scarring, and tattoo removal.

The Pico laser is gentler on the skin than fractional skin resurfacing lasers. This entails a more unpleasant treatment procedure and a longer period of recovery.

Pico Laser Is Appropriate For All Types Of Skin

The Pico laser is effective on a variety of skin types, including some that are notoriously difficult to treat. If you have an Asian body, you probably know how tough it is to find laser therapy that is safe and effective for your skin. With the Pico laser, cosmetic doctors can safely remove pigmentation from Asian skin. This mild, light-based method might help you reclaim your confidence and restore the even look of your skin.

It Corrects Discoloration And Other Hyperpigmentation

Freckles, age spots, and brown spots are all broken up by the Pico laser. During the laser treatment, discoloration is permeated with ultrashort light energy bursts. That energy then shatters the melanin into small enough particles to be absorbed naturally by the body. Through time, our body slowly eradicates the fragments of melanin, resulting in brighter skin. Pico laser could eliminate pigmented lesions due to sun damage and other hard-to-treat conditions, such as acne pigmentation and melasma.

It’s Great For Acne Scars

A special Focus Lens in the Pico laser enables the treatment to effectively and efficiently remove most imperfections from the skin’s surface. Aside from being able to eliminate natural impurities, it is also great at improving scarring. The laser both shatters scar tissue and facilitates new healing in the treated area. That leads to a more even, smoother skin tone with no scar tissue.

It Increases Collagen Formation

During the Pico laser procedure, the deeper dermis layers are promoted to boost the natural process of rejuvenation. New elastin and collagen are made due to the skin’s response to the laser’s energy. The procedure heats deep skin layers to produce new collagen, improve texture and tone, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and fine lines.

There Is Minimal To No Discomfort Or Downtime

Conventional lasers lead to tenderness and redness for a few days after treatment. There’s virtually no discomfort during your Pico treatment and no downtime after that. You’ll feel a bit of a tingling sensation as the laser energy passes over your skin. Straight after the procedure, most people get no discomfort. There might be a bit of redness in the areas being treated, but that should be gone entirely after 1-3 hours.