What To Expect After Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

Commonly referred to as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breasts. On average, this procedure takes about three to five hours and is done in a surgical center or hospital. Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery are usually given general anesthesia before the start of the procedure in a bid to alleviate pain. Although some anesthesia makes the patients unconscious while the procedure is being carried out. The brain and body are asleep so the patient feeling, awareness or even memory of the procedure while in anesthesia.

Every woman deserves to have a high quality of life. For some women, this is not the case. Their breast size causes emotional and physical strain that makes enjoying everyday life extremely difficult for them. Women whose breast sizes are on the larger end of the measurement grid may experience back or shoulder pain, difficulty exercising, noticeable groves from bra straps on their shoulders as well as limited clothing options. As such, undergoing breast reduction surgery is necessary for these women to find relief from these emotional and physical symptoms.

For most women, breast reduction surgery is a life-changing event. Hence, a woman considering to undergo breast reduction surgery often wonders what to expect after the procedure. A good number of women experience breast pain in the first few days following the procedure and then slight discomfort for one or two weeks. Although, putting on a surgical bra every day can go a long way in reducing swelling as well as supporting the breasts while they heal. It is commonplace to find women resuming their normal work and other social activities within a month after undergoing this procedure.

However, it is better to err on the side of caution by avoiding strenuous activities or exercises for the first four weeks after the breast reduction surgery. More so, one might have some visible scars on the breast after undergoing breast reduction surgery. This should not be a cause for concern because these scars can be easily concealed by a bra or swimsuit. Over time, the scars may fade away but they will not disappear.

Another thing women are concerned about is how soon they can take a shower after undergoing breast reduction surgery. This should be the least of your worry because some surgeons let their patients take a shower one day after surgery. On the other hand, some surgeons advise their patients not to take a shower until after the surgical pipes have been removed. This is dependent on the situation around the surgery. Hence it is advisable to ask the surgeon for personal recommendations on when to take a shower after breast reduction surgery.

Furthermore, patients are advised to sleep on their back the first couple of days after breast reduction surgery. This is because sleeping on the back helps keeps the breast in the best suitable position for healing. For people who usually sleep on their sides or stomach, they will need some extra practice or preparation to become a back sleeper before the date of the breast reduction surgery arrives. This will help them sleep effortlessly in the first few days after the surgery.

In conclusion, women undergo breast reduction surgery in a bid to correct their posture, reduce pain, move around easily as well as improve their body image in and out of clothing. Breast reduction surgery is usually done in a hospital setting as such recovering after the procedure is quite easy if one strictly adheres the guidelines set by the surgeon. Upon recovery, most women are usually happy with the outcome of their surgery.

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