Why own, when you can rent an RO water purifier


Shifting to a new city is always a challenging task. Whether it is for a new job for further studies, adjusting and getting used to the new city always takes time. You go for studies to a new place since you want to build your career. The same applies for a job change where you shift your base for better prospects.

In both scenarios, you intend is to save money for a fruitful future. You look for opportunities to save money without compromising your lifestyle. The question is can you save money just for renting household items like furniture, TV, fridge, AC, etc.?

Nowadays, most people prefer renting rather than owning. The advantage of renting is that you do not need to spend on the maintenance of the item being rented. Also, you can experience novelty by renting new items. You could also rent a RO water purifier at a nominal cost. Are there long term benefits in renting a water purifier? The answer is definite ‘Yes’.

Water is one of the basic necessities of mankind and consuming ‘not so pure water’ can have long term implications on your health. Water from taps can no longer be consumed without complete purification since water from natural sources can be contaminated. You can still boil the water and use for cooking purpose but you need to think multiple times before consuming the same.

In any case, there are daily hassles of arranging pure drinking water. You may use water jars which are supplied by authorized dealers but that water is not guaranteed for quality. Zero rupees water purifier from Livepure Smart can now be owned at zero cost i.e. zero maintenance cost, zero machine cost, zero installation cost, and security deposit.

It is an ideal option for bachelors who stay on rent for people who are on frequent travel. We live in a technologically enabled world where mobile technology, IoT, smart living are no longer buzz words and renting a RO water purifier is just one step towards smart. We have not mentioned about the most important part of renting an RO water purifier which is the pricing and maintenance.Livpure Smart has different pricing options that cater to a different set of customers. The Silver plan starts at Rs. 350, Gold plan starts at Rs. 450, Platinum plan starts at Rs. 550, and Titanium Plan starts at Rs. 650.

Hence, you have the option of choosing a plan based on your water requirements. Change of plans can be done seamlessly using the mobile app.

Online water purifier is a solution for the Smart India. Be it furniture, car, accessories, etc. today’s millennial generation does not believe in spending money by owning these items since their values depreciate over a period of time. Though water does not fall in the same category, buying water purifier does not end your worries for healthy & pure water since the water purifier requires regular maintenance.

There are compounded savings of renting an RO water purifier. Irrespective of the water being consumed, you can save upto Rs. 9000-15000 every year when compared to water jars. Since the RO water purifier from Livpure Smart uses advanced water purification technology, renting it has long-term benefits.

Why own, when you can enjoy pure drinking water by renting RO water purifier from Livpure Smart!