You only need 4 exercises to build muscle mass

It goes without saying that men tend to want to stack on physical size more than women do. There are all kinds of reasons for this, yet there is still a simple underlying fact – most male gym-goers don’t actually know what the best exercises are to put on considerable size. Of course, it is critical to ensure that you eat enough protein and you may need to take some sports supplements but if you do, make sure to do some research first to guarantee you get the best supplements for sports (list at Menblend)! Also, don’t forget the importance of rest if you want to put on muscles. With these basics in place, let’s move on to the most important part of muscle building, the exercises.

On that note, we have some good news, for the key exercises to put on muscle mass are actually simpler than you think. So with that said, we’d like to share with you the four best exercises to start bulking up and why these exercises are the best.

In fact, you don’t need more than these 4 classic exercises to stay in shape. They are all super simple but very efficient and below we will tell you why.

Why the bench press is still important

Some say it’s useless and it’s most often because they don’t do it right. This is a classic gym exercise, especially if you are wanting to increase your muscle mass around the torso. As it happens, the bench press is one of the best all-around exercises for most muscles that are located in the upper body. The bench press works your pectorals, your deltoids, your triceps, and even your biceps depending on your grip. While the traditional way in which the bench is performed is to have your grip a little wider than your shoulders, there are all kinds of variations you can do.

For example, if you wanted to really work your shoulders and triceps more than your chest, you could move your grip closer together to isolate these regions. And in terms of the bench itself, you can change it into an incline or decline position, which works in different areas of the chest.

Why squat is the best exercise

Moving away from your torso, it’s critically important to work your lower body if you are to ultimately put on size overall. Not only does working your legs increase your natural testosterone levels, but it also helps you to increase the weight of your lifts for many upper body exercises. And let’s face it, a lot of guys out there completely neglect their legs, as these are muscles that don’t gain a lot of attention. But with that said, squats are the best way to really work your legs and stick on some size.

You don’t need to put tons of weight on the bar either. You could simply put on a weight that you are comfortable with, and then make sure that your technique is correct. Remember, when squatting down, you need to try and keep your knee over your toes, and keep your back somewhat straight to avoid injury. Make sure that this is done and you should be able to get a good burn through the thighs while keeping the exercise safe to perform.

Why pull-ups are hard and efficient

The great thing about pull-ups is that they use your own bodyweight to strain the muscle and force it to grow. The bad part is that they are really hard to do simply because you have to lift your entire body weight. Pull-ups are very different from the other exercises we’ve mentioned in this post, yet it puts pull-ups firmly in contention as one of the best exercises to increase strength and size. If you are unable to perform a pull-up, you can always use the assistance pad that most gyms have, and this will help you to get the most out of the exercise.

In terms of the muscles that are worked here, pull-ups are just awesome to work your back and your biceps. This is especially true when performing a closed grip pull-up, yet if you want to work more of your back and your deltoids, you may want to push your grip further apart. And with pull-ups, you can even purchase a pull-up bar that you can stick up at home, meaning you wouldn’t even have to venture out to the gym!

Why bicep curls are not a waste of your time

If someone tells you bicep curls are useless then don’t listen. Bicep curls is, and will forever be one of the key exercises. Although bicep curls are often the exercise that tends to be associated with vanity, performing curls is actually fantastic for your general strength. Just think – with any lifting motion that you do in life, it is often the biceps that take on most of the stress and strain. Now, this exercise can be done with just one bar that you curl, or you could isolate your left and right bicep by using dumbbells.

Joining a gym or workout at home?

The choice is yours! What’s important is to work out at least a few times every week. If you are a beginner it might be good to get some advice from a personal trainer to make sure you do the exercises correctly but just remember, control the motion and make sure you go to failure to really test the muscle and you will be fine also on your own.

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